Friday, June 12, 2009

WIP Vanguard & Plush Wind Whistler

With the forty marines I picked up recently I decided to make at least two tactical squads so far and maybe a devastator squad of four missile launchers.

The fourth squad I originally thought to make a sternguard squad but decided an assault element would be more helpful so I scrounged up a bunch of close combat weapons and proceeded to make some vanguard. Since I don't have spare jump packs, I tried my hand at converting some old turbine style jump packs from the RT days.

The gallery can be seen here.

After calculating the points though I'm finding the Vanguard squad kind of expensive. I might just make a small squad of 6 or 7 vanguard and see if I have enough to make a small squad of sternguard to help them out (or change the devastator squad to a sternguard squad)

Also, Alice has been busy and completed a plush Wind Whistler for the My Little Pony trading post. Pictures can be seen here.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

New marines received

Got my package of marines. 40 marines in total, with enough weapons to make up a full devastator squad of 4 missile launchers, two tactical squads with lascannons and flamers, and another squad of 10 marines which I am hoping to be able to convert to sternguard or maybe vanguard (I think I have enough close combat weapons and I could convert the regular backpacks to jump packs).

Also got a rhino but it wasn't built very well so it's going to end up staying as a rhino unless I can build a proper turret housing for the whirlwind launcher and demolisher housing.