Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Evaluation of my 'Ard Boyz List

I've gotten four games in now with my Dark Angels at 2500 points.  The lists have evolved but I think they all share a few things in common.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Storm Raven work in progress Part 2

So got some work in on my Storm Raven.  Added a cockpit section and the engines.

The assault cannons in the nose section looks good as I envision the pilot using them to mow down the area in front of the ramp in anticipation of the guys jumping out.  But I'm not entirely sure how to mount the twin-linked heavy bolter.  I thought about putting it on either side of the ramp but they seem to far apart to be twin-linked.  Then I thought about putting it above the cockpit in some kind of turret or pintle mount but thought it might make the thing a little too high.  I'll have to experiment some more until I find something that looks nice and is decent in game as far as true line of sight goes.

Pics below.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

'Ard Boyz Test Game #4 vs. Blood Angels

Game 4 vs. Blood Angels 
My list underwent some changes after some conservation over at the Bolter & Chainsword (see here)

The new list has more Deathwing squads and has a little more armour and mobile firepower.  Also included is a drop pod tactical squad for late-game objective grabs or for supporting the Deathwing squads.  Being in the old style drop pod also keeps the squad off the table during KP missions and when they do show up hopefully they have a good target to saturate with bolter fire.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Storm Raven work in progress

It's the end of Spring Break and for some reason I started on a new project.  After seeing this kit-bashed Storm Raven, I decided to try it myself, only this time I'd be using foam core and plasticard to try and keep costs down (so far for raw materials I think the cost is at about $1 CDN)

Once it is finished, it will be added to my fledgling War Dragons army.

Anyways, here are some WIP shots of it.

Friday, April 2, 2010

'Ard Boyz Test Game #3 vs. Space Wolves

Game 3 vs. Wolf Guard on Foot

So I tweaked my army list a little prior to this game (original list is here). I changed one of the veteran razorback squads to a tactical squad with flamer and razorback. Then I used the leftover 20 points to give the other veteran squad a combi-plasma and combi-melta in addition to their flamer and missile launcher.
The plan with these squads was to act as home objective holders. I’d hold them in reserve in most objective missions and when they come on they would rush out to hold any objective near my DZ. Hopefully with their mix of firepower they would be able to clear any troops on my objective. This would allow my Deathwing squads the freedom to engage the forward objectives without worrying about back tracking to hold mine.