Saturday, December 29, 2012

Thoughts on the New Dark Angels

Like most Dark Angels players I've been waiting quite a while for an update to our late 4th edition codex (or was it an early 5th codex?).  Most of the rumours I've been reading are from Faeit 212 and to be honest I'm looking forward to what's in store for the Emperor's 1st legion.

The new Deathwing box is what has me most excited.  If the new Deathwing terminator box is similar to the Wolf Guard terminator or Grey Knight terminator box it's going to mean a lot of extra bits which I can use to customize my spare Dark Vengeance terminators and maybe even the marines and bikes too.

Seeing as I play mostly Deathwing the rest of the new kits don't matter to me as much but I am looking forward to maybe picking up the new Ravenwing flyer and maybe one of those freaky looking land speeders for completion's sake.  I will probably stay away from the new character models though as I have my own Belial which I have been using for years and I've custom made a Sammael on an attack-quad to represent his jet bike form.

Definately looking forward to the complete rules on the Deathwing and the Deathwing Knights.  From what has been rumoured the Knights are quite a force to be reckoned with.  Hopefully they aren't too expensive in game to make them unfieldable, would be a shame considering the models look pretty darn cool although I would replace the hooded heads with full helmets; probably a Grey Knight helmet as I have a bunch of those from when I made Belial's command squad.

Some people are worried the Deathwing will lose their Fearless but I think the new Inner Circle rule will give them Fearless (as all Inner Circle in previous editions were Fearless) and possibly something else (probably wargear related or a chapter specific rule that affects Inner Circle and non-Inner Circle units).  Really curious to see what kind of Chapter Tactics rule the Dark Angels get and if the normal marines get anything nifty.  Mind you, since the Dark Angels are just like any other marine chapter aside from their 1st and 2nd companies, I don't think I'd mind if the regular tactical, assault and devestator marines don't get anything special.  After all, it's the Deathwing (and the characters who are part of the Deathwing) and Ravenwing that make the Dark Angels unique.

Anyways, looks like my hobby money will be spent once January hits.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Outlaw Shizzle - Episode 1 - How they met Anvil

In my last post about Outlaw Shizzle I remade some of the characters to fit the new playtest package.  However, after consulting with some of the players we went with a slightly different route for some of them.  The following characters are different from what I posted earlier in the Outlaw Shizzle retcon post.

Grudge Jr.
  • Race:  Hill Dwarf
  • Class:  Cleric - Lifegiver
  • Background:  Bounty Hunter
  • Specialty:  Hedge Magician
Angel Ripper the Third
  • Race:  Wood Elf
  • Class:  Monk of the Phoenix
  • Background:  Thug
  • Specialty: Two-weapon fighter
Pretty Boy Ray
  • Race:  Halfling Lightfoot
  • Class:  Rogue - Scout
  • Background:  Artisan - Blacksmith
  • Specialty:  Expert
Similar to what I decided but Grudge is now a full on healer (the players were joking he's like Dog the Bounty Hunter now, trying to make people turn good) and Angel Ripper is a better thug (kind of reminds of the Tattooed Men from the Legend of the Five Rings setting).  We also changed the Masons to be more of an underhand of the government of Babel Gilga so the Masons are now an organized crime group that works for the government.
Unfortunately for the Masons, and by extension Outlaw Shizzle, the Syndicate is trying to gain a foothold in Babel Gilga and threatens the prosperous relationship the Masons have with the city-state's government.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Outlaw Shizzle Retcon time

Just as I started my new D&D next campaign, Wizards of the Coast goes and releases a new playtest package ( which is great and all but changes some of the classes a bit and actually removes some too.  Soooo I'm going to go and retcon some of the characters to fit the new playtest materials.

For reference here's the original cast as rolled with the previous playtest package
  • The Rage - Stout Halfling Cleric Guardian Noble
  • Grudge Jr. - Hill Dwarf Warlock Bounty Hunter Healer
  • Slater Jr. - Human Fighter Thief Acolyte
  • Angel Ripper the Third - Wood Elf Sorcerer Thug Necromancer
  • Pretty Boy Ray - Halfling Lightfoot Rogue Blacksmith Jack of all Trades
  • Anvil - Human Wizard Knight Lurker
Thankfully the races haven't been changed to much so there's not much to do there.  With the new classes, backgrounds and specialties I think I will change the cast to the following

Monday, December 17, 2012

Outlaw Shizzle - The Pilot Episode

This past Sunday saw the reboot of my D&D campaign with my old play group.  To recap, I had my players roll their race, class, background and specialty all randomly and they were given a random wrestler name from one of the many wrestler name apps out there.

Here's what Outlaw Shizzle ended up being.
  • The Rage - Stout Halfling Cleric Guardian Noble
  • Grudge Jr. - Hill Dwarf Warlock Bounty Hunter Healer
  • Slater Jr. - Human Fighter Thief Acolyte
  • Angel Ripper the Third - Wood Elf Sorcerer Thug Necromancer
  • Pretty Boy Ray - Halfling Lightfoot Rogue Blacksmith Jack of all Trades
  • Anvil - Human Wizard Knight Lurker (was originally a High Elf but I had a cooler looking human wizard model so I changed him to a Human)
How the party came together was quite interesting.  I used the strategy of having one player connect their character with the player to their left or right and then go around the table (I think it's from one of the 4th edition Dungeon Master Guides) and this is what we came up with:
  • The Rage is a cleric of war who comes from a prominant noble family in the city the campaign is based out of (name of the city is Babel Gilga).  He knows Grudge Jr. because Grudge happens to be his family's groundskeeper/personal security (sort of like Higgins from Magnum, P.I.).
  • Grudge knows Angel Ripper as one of his underground contacts for finding bounties or getting new contracts.  Grudge may or may not know about Angel Ripper's ties to the Masons (one of the two major organized crime groups in the region) mostly because I forgot to ask the two players to clarify that part of their relationship.
  • Angel Ripper knows Slater Jr. because they are both in the Masons.  Angel's thug-like attitude allowed him to get into the criminal organization and the two are often deployed together.  Slater as muscle while Angel Ripper as the diplomat (whopping 18 charisma)
  • Slater Jr. is a trained thief for the Masons who has also become a devoted follower of the Church of War.  He knows The Rage because they are part of the same religious group and Slater is studying as an acolyte under The Rage and will smite the foes of his church.
The players for Pretty Boy Ray and Anvil weren't around so we just made up a story for them that would fit well.
  • Pretty Boy Ray runs a blacksmith for the Masons which is sometimes used as a safe house, hideout or even to launder money.  Being a rogue it made sense for this character to have ties to the Masons.
  • Anvil is a vigilante in the lawless parts of southern Babel Gilga keeping the peace as best as he can.  The group will meet up with him later as they continue to adventure in Babel Gilga.
Running an organized crime adventure group is kind of out of the norm as most adventurer groups operate on the other side of the law.  However, I envisioned the Masons not so much as evil organized crime but more of a keeping the status quo type of organized crime.  They maintain order in their parts and as long as the regular authorities keep out of their way, the Masons will keep their activities under the radar.  Of course this will change when the Syndicate (the other major crime group in the area) wants to change the balance of power in their favour.

I'll post a little more about the setting in a future post so some of these names, places and organizations make more sense.

Anyways on to their first adventure in which they are introduced to one of the Syndicate's capos.

Friday, December 7, 2012

My MTG Cube

For anyone who has read about MTG cubing or done MTG cubing it's a very fun format.  You get to draft in an environment where your pack will almost always be good (unless you are playing with a reject rare cube or something silly like that).  Unfortunately, I dropped out of MTG for a few years so lost quite a bit of my old stuff that normally goes into a power cube like Sol Ring or the original dual lands and what not (I never did get my hands on the Power 9 though).  Fortunately, there are so many cards in existence now that one can make a powerful cube without all those old staples and that's what I decided to do with my cube.

The majority of the cards in my cube ended up being from Zendikar block onward (so Zendikar block, Scars block, Innistrad block, Return to Ravnica block plus M11-M13) as that is around the time when I picked up MTG again.  For the record I started playing in Revised up to Visions, then stopped.  When Onslaught rolled around I started again cause some of my friends started up again.  I continued until the end of Lorwyn/Shadowmoor block as I started my teacher program at that time and had no time to play and then when Scars came out I jumped back into the MTG pool as I liked the orginal Mirrodin block and revisiting the place was a cool concept.  Anyways, enough about my history of playing MTG.

Building my cube using cards from Zendikar to now does provide some pretty cool interactions despite not having a lot of the older power staples.  Zendikar and Innistrad have a lot of vampires so the vampire tribal theme in black is quite well represented in my cube.  All the artifacts from Scars provides lots of fixing (and ramp) so the multi-colored cards from Innistrad and Ravnica as well as the giant creatures from Zendikar are easy to cast.  There's a bunch of high-quality equipment so creatures are important but at the same time there's plenty of strong removal to keep them in check.  Proliferate works great with all the blocks (level counters, +1/+1 counters, -1/-1 counters, poison counters and charge counters all benefit from that mechanic).  Another bonus is that, for the most part, all the mechanics are pretty easy to understand.  Nothing like Cumulative Upkeep from Ice Age/Coldsnap or Suspend/Vanish from Time Spiral.  All in all I think the 4 blocks provide a great starter cube for me and my group.

I figure I will eventually make the cube into a 4 block + 2 core cube which will probably eventually transition into a Type 2 cube (for those folks who don't remember, Type 2 was the old name for Standard).  As the sets rotate I will probably dump the old cards into a secondary modern cube (which will most likely be a tribal cube of some form or another as I like creatures and I'm a Timmy at heart)

For those curious, my current cube is here.  The yellow cards are cards I haven't physically added to the cube yet but are in my possession.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Tournaments, MTG Cubing & D&D Next

Orctoberfest 2012 came and went and seemed to be a success again.  Had the biggest turnout this year, surprisingly I think Orctoberfest had more people show up than the annual Remembrance Day tournament that has been going on in the area for the last 15 years.  I suppose advertising helps? 

Hopefully the turnout for next year's Orktoberfest will be just as big.  I'm expecting so as next year will be a 40k year for the event and 40k should be more popular with more 6th edition books coming out between now and next October.  More details in the new year.

The only unfortunate thing about this year's Orctoberfest was that I didn't get any pictures.  We were in the middle of packing for a move which never occurred and I totally forgot to pack my camera or ask to borrow my dad's digital SLR.  Oh well, next year for sure I will have pictures.

Kinda bummed I missed out on this year's Remembrance Day Challenge but house hunting was more important.  The owners of Great White did mention they were going to be putting on a Warhammer Fantasy tournament in the spring so maybe I'll try to attend that one.  Just need a fantasy army.

As for other wargaming, not much has occurred.  I picked up the Dark Vengeance box.  Mostly for the rulebook but I did manage to trade the Chaos half for more Dark Angels.  The models in hindsight, while good looking and well detailed, were unnecessary as I have a complete army already.  It's been a few months since I got them and I've only put together two Tactical Squads and one Deathwing squad.  Still have the two Ravenwing squadrons and a Deathwing squad on sprue plus the commander and librarian and special edition chaplain.  Tempted to sell the non-Deathwing stuff I have as I read there are rumors of a Deathwing box being released with the new Dark Angels codex and I hardly ever play with anything other than a full Deathwing army nowadays.

So what have I been doing to keep my gaming self satisfied?  Got around to building an MTG cube with a bunch of MTG cards I had lying around plus some generous donations from my brother-in-law.  I had heard about the format before but never played.  After some reading about cubing, it sounded like fun so I put one together and played with some of my old high school friends.  Turns out they enjoyed the cube and wouldn't mind cubing again.

I wasn't happy with the original cube though so I scoured for some cheap cards to make some of the themes and archetypes stand out a bit more.  Most of my friends haven't played MTG in years so aren't familiar with many of the newer mechanics or synergies so my cube is a pseudo-noob friendly cube.  Mostly basic mechanics and strategies with a few intermediate-advanced strategies and the cards I bought should make those strategies more obvious.  Just gotta wait a few days for the cards to arrive and then I can update my cube!

This brings up an amusing anecdote from the first run through of my cube.  I was mentioning that there was a lot of red burn being passed around in the first pack and after the draft had finished, one of my friends who had never played before beat me quite handily with a pure red burn deck.  He ended up picking every high damage burn spell and just burned me out both games.  Maybe I had too many burn spells but at least that is a noob friendly strategy.  Hoping to see what other strategies show up as we cube over the holiday season.

In addition to the construction of my MTG cube, I had my same high school friends make up D&D characters so we could play test D&D Next.  We ended up doing random race, class, background and specialty and a random wrestler name.  So the group (they decided would be called Outlaw Shizzle to honour the last group we had) is as follows:
  • The Rage - Stout Halfling Cleric Guardian Noble
  • Grudge Jr. - Hill Dwarf Warlock Bounty Hunter Healer
  • Slater Jr. - Human Fighter Thief Acolyte
  • Angel Ripper the Third - Wood Elf Sorcerer Thug Necromancer
  • Pretty Boy Ray - Halfling Lightfoot Rogue Blacksmith Jack of all Trades (we were all disappointed that this guy turned out very archetypal)
  • Anvil - High Elf Wizard Knight Lurker
You'll have to sign up for the play test to find out what all those terms mean but needless to say, the group makeup is quite interesting.  I think I will have them flesh out their backgrounds when we meet up next so we can have some idea of how this bizarre crew got together in the first place.  I think I will run the campaign like a serial action TV series similar to shows like The A-Team, MacGuyver and similar.  Less planning and no need for an overall story arc (though given my style of story telling I will probably put some recurring themes which will eventually fit into an overall story arc)

Looking forward to a nice holiday season of gaming with my friends.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Entering my First 6th Edition 40k Tournament

This weekend I've decided to go to a 6th edition tournament being held in a town about an hour away.  Haven't played much 6th edition yet but from what I have played, the Deathwing are pretty darn strong.  No need to fear power weapons anymore, land raiders are resilient enough to deliver cargo and typhoon speeders went from awesome to something better than awesome.

Anyways, the tournament is 1500 points and I've decided to take the following list

Belial - Claws
Deathwing Squad 1 - Apothecary, 3 TH & SS, Heavy Flamer
Deathwing Squad 2 - 1 TH & SS, 1 Chainfist, 1 Pair of Lightning Claws, Cyclone
Deathwing Squad 3 - 1 TH & SS, 1 Chainfist, Cyclone
Deathwing Squad 4 - 1 TH & SS, 1 Chainfist, Cyclone
Land Raider Crusader
Ravenwing Typhoon Speeder
Ravenwing Typhoon Speeder

Went with 4 squads this time rather than 3 as I found 3 scoring units was not enough for objective based missions in the last 1500pt tournament.  Mind you the only army that gave me trouble last time was a Grey Knight army that got into close combat.  That same army wouldn't hurt so much as their nemesis weapons aren't AP2.

Maybe I should drop one of my Deathwing squads for another land raider?  Two squads in raiders and 1 squad using Deathwing Assault could make for some nifty rapid deployment strategies.  Super easy to pack as well.  Although there is a really good player attending with Necrons so vehicles won't be that great against him (and who knows how many other Necron players might be present).  Still, having to deal with 20 scoring terminators will be tough for any army to deal with at 1500 points.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Samurai Cavalry! (in plastic!)

Super excited about seeing these guys from Wargames Factory

Samurai Cavalry

Totally messes up my plan for purchasing a fantasy army though.  I was going to use my Bretonnian knights as Dogs of War heavy cavalry but with these figures out I might try and build a straight samurai army.  Kind of a shame as I really liked the viking huscarl figures but I can't figure a way to include them and samurai in the same army.
Even using dogs of war I would most likely end up using a majority of the Rising Sun line (the ashigaru spearmen look like great pikemen) and having one or two units of bearded viking marauders would look out of place I think.

So my revised plan would be the following
Samurai cavalry to represent Dogs of War heavy cavalry or Empire knightly orders
Ashigaru spearmen to represent Dogs of War pikemen or Empire spearmen
Ashigaru muskets/archers to represent Dogs of War crossbowmen or Empire handgunners/archers
Samurai Warriors to represent Dogs of War paymaster bodyguard/Empire swordsmen or greatswords
I could add artillery if I can get my hands on some 28mm cannons for cheap and crew them with any extra ashigaru.

Thought about using the figures to proxy a high elf army but the high elf rules seems only appropriate for samurai and not ashigaru.  The empire or dogs of war books seem more appropriate, maybe warriors of chaos but the warriors lack ranged weaponry.

Anyways, need to toss around some 2000-2500 point lists with a few books and see which one results in the cheapest competitive army using the Rising Sun line.

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Price of Gaming (Games Workshop Style)

It's probably common knowledge to anyone who plays wargames that Games Workshop is increasing prices again.  I kind of understand the business side of things and totally understand that this is a hobby so it's not like raising the price on food, but still it is kind of depressing to see a hobby get more and more expensive.  Especially so when extra funds are limited and when I want to get back into Warhammer Fantasy gaming.

One fortunate thing about Fantasy games though is that there are a lot of companies out there that produce fantasy figures at a much reduced price compared to GWs.  GW (in my view) kind of has the futuristic grimdark setting monopoly (no other company could produce space marine like figures without getting a lot of legal flak) but in the fantasy realm they don't (a dwarf is a dwarf whether it is a GW dwarf or a non-GW dwarf).  So I've decided to build a Dogs of War/Empire army using figures from other companies.

It's going to be much cheaper and hopefully after a coat of paint look just as good.  I decided not to do a dwarf army (see previous post about Mantic Dwarves) as I really don't like their playstyle and besides, I can always fit dwarves into a Dogs of War army if I decide to buy some Mantic Dwarves in the future.

I already have a bunch of knights, heroes and wizards from Bretonnia that could easily fit in with any DoW/Empire army so part of the army is already made.  I just need infantry and I think I'll take those from Wargames Factory.

I could use their Samurai Warriors to represent swordsmen/greatswords/paymaster bodyguard (armed with katana), the Ashigaru Yari Troops as pikemen/spearmen, the Ashigaru Missile Troops as crossbowmen/handgunners and their Viking Huscarls to represent norse marauders/flagellants.

As an Empire army using the vastly different styles of models might be awkward but for a Dogs of War army not so much I think.  After all the Dogs of War are mercenaries from all over the world.  I just hope the local gamer folk don't mind me using alternate figures to play Warhammer Fantasy.  Admittedly I could just try and get ancients/historical gaming going but that I think is going to be harder as it requires investment from more people.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tournament Results

Store tournament was this past weekend and I took the list from my previous post to it.

Escaped with a 2-1-1 record.  EDIT:  Apparently this was good enough for 2nd place (out of 8) after taking soft scores into account.  Either that shows the intense level of competition in that no one escaped with a perfect record, or the soft scores factored in quite predominantly.

Game 1 vs Necrons - Win
- First time playing Necrons in an annihilation mission.  The player didn't take a super-nasty list so I was able to pull out a win.  He seemed surprised that my terminator squads could weather two squads worth of firepower.  I told him after the game that he should dedicate twice that if he wants to bring down a terminator squad with regular anti-infantry guns (I did the math once and it requires a ridiculous amount of wounds to reliably kill a squad of terminators in one round of shooting)

Game 2 vs Grey Knights - Loss
- First time playing Grey Knights.  It was Capture & Control and I think the only reason I lost was his grand master and grey knight terminators were able to assault my Deathwing.  I grounded their ride, but they were still close enough.  Those 4 guys tore through all 15 of my terminators without too much trouble (initiative S6 power weapons and the grand master with a 2+ ward save really sucked).  By the time I killed them I had no troops left.  His shooting took down the land speeders so couldn't contest in my last turn.

Game 3 vs. Daemons - Draw
- First time playing Daemons.  Sieze Ground with 4 objectives.  12 blood crushers, blood thirster and 3 soul grinders.  My shooting was enough to nullify the blood thirster and soul grinders but those blood crushers annihilated my terminators (made the mistake of disembarking from the land raider a turn too early).  Forced a draw by killing all of his horrors and contesting the one objective from the one horror I couldn't kill.

Game 4 vs. Chaos - Win
- Nothing really of note, his vehicles were rendered useless for the most part by my shooting.  He had a vindicator that was pretty ineffective and a land raider of berserkers that spent 2 turns shooting at my land raider.  His rhinos and the squishy squads inside were his downfall.  Easy KPs for my rockets and terminators.

Next 40k tournament should be in July and I think I'll bring a more competitive list.  The lists that were present were much more competitive than I expected (probably because everyone was from out of town).  Time to go and paint some more terminators.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

1500pt Dark Angels

Looking over the models I have, this is the list I plan on taking to the first of these monthly tournaments that the FLGS is hosting later this month.  Keep in mind that the goal of the tournament is to introduce new players to tournament game play.  They aren't meant to be super competitive WAAC type games (though inevitably I will make it that way against whomever I play simply because I like a good competition)

Belial - Lightning Claws

Deathwing Squad 1 - Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield, Cyclone, Chainfist, 1 pair of Lightning Claws, Apothecary
Deathwing Squad 2 - Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield, Cyclone, Chainfist,
Deathwing Squad 3 - Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield, Cyclone, Chainfist, 

Fast Attack
Ravenwing Land Speeder - Multi-melta, typhoon missiles
Ravenwing Land Speeder - Multi-melta, typhoon missiles

Heavy Support
Land Raider Crusader
Predator - Twin-lascannon turret, pintle storm bolter
Predator - Twin-lascannon turret, pintle storm bolter

Seems kind of hard at 1500 points, lots of armor, lots of missiles, lots of powerfists and who is going to suspect 15 terminators?  Mind you if I run up against melta/plasma/power weapon spam I'm screwed.  Could be worse, I could have taken 5 squads of hammernators with cyclones I suppose (thankfully for the opposition I don't have that many painted hammernators.... yet).

Should be competitive enough yet not cheesy enough to dissuade new tournament players.  I originally planned to run with two land raiders, but figured that would be over the top; and it doesn't help the second land raider isn't fully painted.  The second land raider is a scratch built model and I am in the process of adding rivets and details to it (it is painted except for the minor details).

Monday, May 7, 2012

Tournament News

Popped into one of the FLGS in town last week and found out they are planning on hosting small monthly tournaments in addition to their larger Remembrance Day Challenge and Spring Fantasy tournament.  It appears tournament attendance has been low so they are trying to get more interest in tournaments by hosting smaller and friendlier events.

I whole heartedly approve of this.  Mind you I only really care about this because the more people that are interested in tournaments means the more people who might be interested in attending Orctoberfest in October.

For my part I'm going to try and attend as many of these tournaments as possible so I can push Orctoberfest 2012 and hopefully get a few more people than I have the past two years.  I keep hearing that it is an absolute blast to play in and everyone would love to attend but the numbers just don't show it.  Mind you I think I picked a bad weekend for Orktoberfest 2011 (Canadian Thanksgiving weekend) and I changed the format from Fantasy in 2010 to 40k in 2011.  Orctoberfest 2012 will be Fantasy again so that might affect numbers.  Still, I am hoping that I get more fantasy players this year than in 2010.

First tournament is a 1500 point 40k tournament.  Although I did sell some of my Deathwing (the black reach half) I still have enough painted models to bring a decently competitive force.  I probably should hold back as the tournaments are meant to bring in new tournament players, but what good are new tourament players if they don't play to win or can't stomach losing?  Anyways, got about 2 weeks to think about the army I will bring to this first tournament.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

In a galaxy far, far away...

Oh my it has been a while since I last posted anything.  Not much to say other than been busy with stuff outside of wargaming.

Some friends and I got into Star Wars: The Old Republic.  Reminded me of my old World of Warcraft days only back then I didn't play with any of my friends, but had a nice guild that kept me in until teacher school got too time consuming.  Never got back into the whole MMORPG since then.  Being a teacher takes up a lot of time outside of school surprisingly.

When Old Republic was released, things changed.  Being a fan of the Star Wars universe made it easy for me to decide to try it.  Thankfully my friends played and we now have regular gaming nights which is nice.  So that, I suppose, is where most of my free gaming time has gone.

For those curious I play on the Master Gnost-Dural server on both sides.  My friends and I started a guild on the Imperial side under the name Imperial Medical Service.  All the characters so far are doctors (mine is bounty hunter named Dr'akagi, cookie for those who know who I named her after, lol).  I have to wonder if anyone notices the connection.  Republic side we aren't nearly as organized my main is a Jedi Sentinel named Paro'cena.  I've got alts of all the classes as well but they are really just crafting bots for the most part.

On the tabletop gaming side of things, I haven't really done much.  I sold off some of my Deathwing (the black reach squads and the land raider) as I wanted to finance a new fantasy army a few months.  Unfortunately I haven't seen anything that I would like to play in Fantasy.  I have a bunch of miscellaneous fantasy models and I was thinking of building a Dogs of War army but they seem kind of underpowered.  That is until I saw the fan based 8th edition Dogs of War book (Regiments of Reknown here).  What surprised me about this book was that Adepticon adopted it for their tournament so it must be fairly well balanced.  I'm going to look at it over the next couple of weeks and see if I can make a competitive army with it without breaking the bank.

Oh yeah, one last thing before I sign out.  Orctoberfest 2012 will be Fantasy this year.  Hopefully I can get enough people to break even or make a profit (profit meaning more prizes for everyone!)