Monday, July 11, 2011

Orktoberfest 2011 & Other news

New Event!
Orctoberfest was such a success last year that I decided to do it again this year. The difference is that I decided to change the format to 40k. It made the most sense and if I continue organizing this event I can change the format back and forth (or maybe even try for a 40k & Fantasy event to please both crowds).

Unfortunately it seems that most of the Fantasy players from last year won't be able to attend as they don't play/don't like 40k. That's ok though, I know there are a lot of 40k players in the area (Northern BC if anyone from there is reading) so hopefully word gets out soon.

Now the big thing is can I get enough sponsorship (i.e. will last year's sponsors provide the same amount of support) so I can actually provide prizes, lol. At the least the gamers are getting lunch on both days.

My Gaming
Haven't had much time to game much in the last few months. Between the new baby (born November) and year end school stuff my time allowed very little for gaming. Admittedly I did get back into Magic: The Gathering as that required less of time committment than Warhammer and with MTGO I can play whenever I have free time (no need to set up a table and what not).

With that said, I still have my Dark Angels and now have time to model some cyclones on my Deathwing terminators. Just have to dig up some of the old missile pods from the plethora of random mecha models I have. My next project after that is to try and get a box of Grey Knight Terminators so I can have a proper Deathwing command squad (and maybe a new Belial model)

I'm hoping to test the scenarios I came up with for Orktoberfest 2011 this summer so there should be more stuff up in the next 2 months regarding 40k, the Dark Angels and gaming.