Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Samurai Cavalry! (in plastic!)

Super excited about seeing these guys from Wargames Factory

Samurai Cavalry

Totally messes up my plan for purchasing a fantasy army though.  I was going to use my Bretonnian knights as Dogs of War heavy cavalry but with these figures out I might try and build a straight samurai army.  Kind of a shame as I really liked the viking huscarl figures but I can't figure a way to include them and samurai in the same army.
Even using dogs of war I would most likely end up using a majority of the Rising Sun line (the ashigaru spearmen look like great pikemen) and having one or two units of bearded viking marauders would look out of place I think.

So my revised plan would be the following
Samurai cavalry to represent Dogs of War heavy cavalry or Empire knightly orders
Ashigaru spearmen to represent Dogs of War pikemen or Empire spearmen
Ashigaru muskets/archers to represent Dogs of War crossbowmen or Empire handgunners/archers
Samurai Warriors to represent Dogs of War paymaster bodyguard/Empire swordsmen or greatswords
I could add artillery if I can get my hands on some 28mm cannons for cheap and crew them with any extra ashigaru.

Thought about using the figures to proxy a high elf army but the high elf rules seems only appropriate for samurai and not ashigaru.  The empire or dogs of war books seem more appropriate, maybe warriors of chaos but the warriors lack ranged weaponry.

Anyways, need to toss around some 2000-2500 point lists with a few books and see which one results in the cheapest competitive army using the Rising Sun line.