Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Adventures of Outlaw Shizzle - Episode 2 "Conspiracy Uncovered"

Got together with my friends again for another night of D&D (see first episode here).

Prior to starting I showed them some figures I planned on ordering to properly represent their characters. I never realized just how diverse Reaper Miniatures is with regard to the types of models they produce. Anyways, I picked up the following models to represent the following characters
  • For Jack Crusher, I picked out Bledsoe the Evil Cleric. I figured he would make an appropriate Invoker of the Raven Queen. I might try and replace the skull on the staff with a bird.
  • For Andre Zodiac, I picked Thorgram, Dwarf Warlord. This was more because I needed a general to lead my future dwarf army and Thorgram looked really cool.
  • For Sergeant Enforcer, I picked Goldar the Barbarian. Not really a ranger looking character but the way Enforcer is played, the barbarian model makes more sense. Plus he's one of the only goliath looking models I've seen.
  • For Cardiac Bison I am using Audt, Reptus Sergeant. I might replace the sword as it looks silly in my opinion.
  • And finally for Mr. Hunter I picked Balthon, Overlords Cleric. Thought he would make a great Cleric of the Raven Queen. Might try to replace the skull with a bird though.
Hopefully they get here soon. Looking forward to having more character appropriate models. Anyways on to their second adventure.