Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Project Updates

Summer is here and with school over and done with I have a lot of time to dedicate to finishing all of my projects.

The space marine army is coming along nicely and I've put together all 40 marines. The squad breakdown is:
Tactical Squad 1 - 10 space marines, Flamer, Multi-melta, and sergeant with power weapon
Tactical Squad 2 - 10 space marines, Flamer, Multi-melta and sergeant with power fist and combi-melta
Devastator Squad - 10 space marines, 4 missile launchers
Vanguard Squad - 10 space marines, 2 Thunder hammers, 2 power weapons, Sergeant with Relic Blade and custom turbine-style jump packs (looks like the old Rogue Trader jump packs from way back)
I also converted a model that is armed in the same way as Vulkan He'stan so I will most likely paint this up as a Salamanders army.

Haven't done much with the Bretonnian army but it is so far going to look like this:
2 units of 5 Knights of the Realm
2 units of 5 Questing Knights
1 unit of 3 Pegasus Knights

And lastly my one of a kind Dark Elf Executioner Cavalry is now primed and one model has been test painted. Sorry no pics of this unit yet.

I hope to have more updates (with pictures!) by the end of the week.