Firestorm Armada Ships

Firestorm Armada is a starship combat game that thankfully comes with its own starship creation rules.  Compared to Full Thrust, the rules are very easy to learn and you can get playing in half an hour or so.

Listed here are the ships that my gaming group and I created and playtested for Firestorm Armada.  Please note that some of the primary weapons are given different names (i.e. phasers, disruptors or batteries) but for all intents and purposes they act as normal primary weapons according to the rules.  We decided not to make up any special rules for these weapons and only state the name for background purposes.

Battlestar Galactica Colonial Fleet

Klingon Imperial Fleet


Stargate Asgard Fleet (made by Atley M.)

Stargate SGC Fleet (made by Atley M.)

Some of the stuff is non-canon (most of the BSG stuff is) so it was really left up to my group and I to decide what each ship did.  So far we have decided that our ships are balanced according to each other and not neccessarily with the actual Firestorm Armada ships.  Recent test games have revealed that the Firestorm ships are comparable to our ships.

For the models, I took everything in the Armoury's stock, though some things aren't in the store yet (like the Trek battleships)