Sunday, May 24, 2009

Upcoming Projects

Not much new is going to be happening until next month, but just to make sure no one thinks I'm not doing anything here are a list of upcoming projects that I hope to finish and put up for sale by the end of June.

Warhammer Fantasy
  • Bretonnian Pegasus Knights
  • Bretonnian Knights of the Realm
  • Bretonnian Questing Knights
Warhammer 40k
  • Codex Space Marines army consisting of two tactical squads, a devestator squad, a sternguard squad and a rhino (which will have options to be a whirlwind or vindicator). Not sure what chapter to paint them as because all the Codex chapters have nice special characters (thinking either Ultramarines, Salamanders or Crimson Fists as I can easily convert the special characters for those chapters and they fit the foot slogging style of warfare that those four squads suggests)
Stay tuned for more updates as June progresses.

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