Monday, April 5, 2010

Storm Raven work in progress

It's the end of Spring Break and for some reason I started on a new project.  After seeing this kit-bashed Storm Raven, I decided to try it myself, only this time I'd be using foam core and plasticard to try and keep costs down (so far for raw materials I think the cost is at about $1 CDN)

Once it is finished, it will be added to my fledgling War Dragons army.

Anyways, here are some WIP shots of it.

From Storm Raven WIP

Beside a rhino for scale
From Storm Raven WIP

Wings in the back
From Storm Raven WIP

Wings in the front
From Storm Raven WIP

Wasn't sure whether it looked better with the wings at the back or the front.  It makes more physical sense to be at the front as that is where most of the weight will be.  Looking at modern aircraft that's where the wings would be too.  The other guy who inspired me to start this project put it in the back and while it looks really futuristic, it looks like the wings and the tail supporting the wings could snap off rather easily.

I can't seem to figure out what to do for the cockpit.  The valkyrie cockpit looks good but it looks hard to scratch build.  I might just do something similar to the Land Speeder tempest, just an enclosed space with a small vision slit.  Being a marine vehicle it probably has super advanced augers and stuff to guide it and therefore wouldn't need a glass canopy.

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