Saturday, September 4, 2010

Waaaaagh Boneparta!

So I decided to start a new army for 40k after playing Dark Angels for over a decade (no I am not getting rid of my Dark Angels, my wife knows I've tried but they keep sucking me back in). I had picked up the Black Reach Warboss pretty cheap a while back and have now just decided to add to his Waaaagh.

The first additions, a trio of Killa Kanz made from Kinder Surprise eggs!

I saw this done by someone else so I am not taking credit for its creation.
Here are some more pictures.

Obviously there's still more work to be done as they need the orky jaw pieces and probably more rivets and metal plates and what not. I'm hoping that by starting an Ork Waaaagh and scratch building most of the vehicles (I have my eyes set on making a Battle Wagon or two using some old Land Raider paper templates and foamboard/plasticard) my skills at manipulating plasticard will improve greatly.

The weapon arms are interchangeable as they are just pinned into the sides of the body. It will make representing weapon destroyed results a lot easier. The only thing now though is I need to find a way to make a decent looking Rokkit Launcha out of plastic sprues, straws and plasticard. The third one with the single barrel gun I was going to use a Kustom Mega-blasta or grotzooka (though the grotzooka should probably have a bigger barrel). I've got another 4 eggs I think so just need 2 more and I can complete the Kan portion of the army.

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