Thursday, February 3, 2011

March Tournament & Army List

I just got a heads up on a 40k tournament in March being put on by one of the local stores. It's slated to be 1500 points and with the advent of the new Dark Angels FAQ should provide ample opportunity to test out the changes.

I would have preferred a 2000 point tournament, but the store owner is playing it the UK/GW way, but whatever. A tournament is still a tournament and I love the competition.

The list I plan on taking is not going to take complete advantage of the changes. Not because I am feeling nice and un-competitive, but because I cannot change my models or add new models in time.

Belial - Claws

Deathwing Squad 1 - Assault Cannon, Chainfist, 1 TH/SS, 1 Pair of Claws
Deathwing Squad 2 - Cyclone, Chainfist, 1 TH/SS
Deathwing Squad 3 - Cyclone, Chainfist, 1 TH/SS

Fast Attack
Ravenwing Typhoon
Ravenwing Typhoon
Ravenwing Attack Squadron - 2 Meltaguns, Attack Bike w/ Multi-Melta

Heavy Support
Predator - Sponson Lascannons, Autocannon, Pintle Storm Bolter
Vindicator - Pintle Storm Bolter

I would have preferred a pair of predators or a pair of dreadnoughts but I don't have the models. The Vindicator I'm not sure about, mostly because it'll probably be shooting stuff that is in close proximity to the terminators. Still, at 1500 points it's a big threat capable of taking down anything (except MCs but that's what the terminators and typhoons are for). I'd like to replace the vindicator with a missile/LC dread but not sure where I can get the points for that (no autocannon arms in my collection otherwise I'd do a missile/AC dread).

Got a few weeks still, going to try and get a few test games in.

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