Friday, December 21, 2012

Outlaw Shizzle Retcon time

Just as I started my new D&D next campaign, Wizards of the Coast goes and releases a new playtest package ( which is great and all but changes some of the classes a bit and actually removes some too.  Soooo I'm going to go and retcon some of the characters to fit the new playtest materials.

For reference here's the original cast as rolled with the previous playtest package
  • The Rage - Stout Halfling Cleric Guardian Noble
  • Grudge Jr. - Hill Dwarf Warlock Bounty Hunter Healer
  • Slater Jr. - Human Fighter Thief Acolyte
  • Angel Ripper the Third - Wood Elf Sorcerer Thug Necromancer
  • Pretty Boy Ray - Halfling Lightfoot Rogue Blacksmith Jack of all Trades
  • Anvil - Human Wizard Knight Lurker
Thankfully the races haven't been changed to much so there's not much to do there.  With the new classes, backgrounds and specialties I think I will change the cast to the following

  • Race:  Stout Halfling
  • Class:  Cleric - Warbringer
  • Background:  Noble
  • Specialty:  Defender
Grudge Jr.
  • Race:  Hill Dwarf
  • Class:  Cleric - Stormbringer
  • Background:  Bounty Hunter
  • Specialty:  Hedge Magician
Slater Jr.
  • Race:  Human
  • Class:  Fighter - Slayer
  • Background:  Guild Thief
  • Specialty:  Mystical Healer
Angel Ripper the Third
  • Race:  Wood Elf
  • Class:  Evocation Wizard
  • Background:  Thug
  • Specialty:  Metamagician
Pretty Boy Ray
  • Race:  Halfling Lightfoot
  • Class:  Rogue - Treasure Hunter
  • Background:  Artisan - Blacksmith
  • Specialty:  Expert
  • Race:  Human
  • Class:  Illusion Wizard
  • Background:  Knight
  • Specialty:  Ambusher
I believe those changes keep the spirit of the randomly rolled combinations from the old playtest package with the material from the new playtest package.  The classes are balanced from a composition point of view so hopefully everything works out well.

Next episode of Outlaw Shizzle to be played this Sunday.

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