Saturday, April 6, 2013

Outlaw Shizzle - The Story so far (episodes 4-6 recap)

Been a bit behind with the story of Outlaw Shizzle.  Lots of stuff going so what I present here is just a quick recap of what occured in the last 3 episodes.

Episode 4 - The Fall of the Fox
The group manages to fight their way through the Fox's undead minions and his magical traps and eventually confront the Fox in his lair.  A vicious fight ensues with the elite undead guards of the Fox and the Fox himself.  The adventurers use every technique in their arsenal and manage to bring the Fox down.
Looting his lair, they learn that the Rage's family has been sending food stuffs and other supplies to the denizens of the Northern Reaches, a mountain chain east and north of Babel Gilga.  In return, necromantic reagents are being smuggled into the city.

Episode 5 - Return to Riverside
A few days after the affair with the Fox, Masaloza calls upon the services of Outlaw Shizzle to retrieve a missing lockbox from the ruined city of Babel Isla in the east.  The box contains something important to the Masons and it appears that the Syndicate wants it as well.  As the group prepares to depart on their next mission, one of Slater Jr.'s childhood friends, Kcaz, appears in the Chimera desperate to find Slater.
He explains to Slater that a strange cult has taken residence in their small fishing village of Riverside and that Slater's father has gone missing after he confronted the cultists.  With Riverside on the way to Babel Isla, Masaloza gave Slater permission to investigate but impressed upon the group that the lockbox is their priority.
When the group arrived at Riverside, they found the cultists to be unobtrusive and not overly hostile until they followed a group into the swamps on the otherside of the river.  In the swamps, Outlaw Shizzle discovered the cultists were making deals with the goblin tribes from the Northern Reaches.  The group sprung into action and quickly killed or subdued the cultists and goblins.  From the survivors they learned of the cultists main headquarters in a tower deep in the forests west of Riverside.  It was there that they had taken Slater's father to keep his voice silent so the villagers wouldn't question the cultists covert behaviour.

Episode 6 - Storming the Tower
Outlaw Shizzle marched through the woods and reached the cultist tower.  It wasn't hard to find as it stood in the centre of a desolate, barren part of the wood.  The group initially tried a stealthy approach with Angel successfully sneaking into the tower posing as a member of the cult.  This, however, was quickly foiled when Ray accidentally ran into a patrol while entering the tower.
What followed was a brutal battle that stretched from dusk until dawn as Outlaw Shizzle fought the cultists on each floor of the tower until they reached the peak.  It was there they faced down a pair of dark priests of Asmodeus.  Spurred on by Slater (both Jr and Sr), the group fought through the dark magic of the demon worshippers and secured a bloody victory.
Searching the tower, the group learned that the goblins of the Northern Reaches were to join forces with the demon worshippers in an effort to bring down the civilized settlements near Babel Gilga and establish a foothold for the new demon-goblin nation.

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