Sunday, May 19, 2013

Warhamer 40k - New Deathwing models

I managed to find some time to start putting some new Deathwing models together (from the box my sister sent me a few weeks ago).  I have to say that the box was quite impressive considering all the parts and weapons and stuff on the sprue.  Here's a preview pic of what I did.

Sadly I still don't think the box is worth the price tag GW is asking (no disrespect to my sister, it was a very thoughtful gift and I will enjoy it immensely).  The hobby has really become a luxury that I definately cannot afford on a regular basis.  Thankfully I have a large 40k army already so I won't need to actually buy anything for years to come (when they make Deathwing terminators 15 points a piece, then maybe I will need to buy more).

I had thoughts about magnetizing the models but decided against it as I tend to have fixed squad compositions (mostly so it's easy to remember which model is part of which squad).  Similarly I dont want to paint multiple arms.  I find it much easier to just paint the whole model.  This did give me a dilemma as to how to assemble my new squad.  There are a lot of options both with the models themselves and the options in the book.  In the end I decided to make a thunder hammer/storm shield squad with a heavy flamer from the limited edition Space Hulk set released a few years ago.  The fifth model was built into an assault cannon and will be used with another unpainted squad I have (see pictures below).  I used the maces as then I can swap them as Deathwing Knights whenever I feel like using a different elite unit.  I had no need to make a command squad as I already did that with a Grey Knight box (won from a free tournament).  They also make really cool armoured knight models for my D&D campaigns (except maybe the assault cannon guy but since I always have a magic-tech setting it's not that out of place).
So my two new squads are going to be a thunder hammer/storm shield squad with heavy flamer (the assault cannon guy I built is shown in the picture, but in game it will be a heavy flamer)

and the second squad will be my modded Dark Vengeance terminator squad (the assault cannon guy from the previous picture will replace the regular terminator in this squad)

Close up pictures of the models can be found here
Hopefully I will get around to finishing both squads before the school year is over and if not, then definately by Orktoberfest 2013.  Speaking of Orktoberfest, I better get the info together and let everyone in the area know about it.

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