Monday, November 18, 2013

MTG - Wx Aggro in my Cube

This was perhaps the hardest archetype to try and include in my cube.  Mostly because Wx aggro decks tend to be composed of a bunch of small creatures and these small creatures tend not to be that cool looking at first glance.  Think of say Elite Vanguard vs a dragon like Moltensteel Dragon.  One card is a vanilla 2/1 creature while the other is a 4/4 flying fire-breathing monstrosity.  For a newish player, who isn't familiar with all the MTG archetypes, the choice tends to lean towards the dragon.

So a good majority of the good aggro cards would not get picked up because my cube contained a lot of dragons and other large creatures.  That's partly my fault though as my first cube incarnation was very Timmy focused.  I've since moved away from that and have started to put some more support for fast aggro.

With that said, my cube can support Wx aggro quite easily now I think.  There are a number of fairly efficient white creatures like
and a lot of support cards like
Many of the white creatures also come packed with Heroic abilities so auras and combat tricks are doubly effective.  With that as your core you just need to fill it out with either more white creatures or pair it up with another colour.

I don't think there is a best partner as each colour provides a unique quality to the aggro deck but here are few cards I would look for in each of the possible colour pairings with white.

I wanted to go WR Aggro I would look to pick up
Red gives some more efficient creatures and a lot of potential reach with the burn spells.  If you are fortunate enough to draft a bunch of burn spells and Blaze Commando, the deck can become very explosive.

If I wanted to go WB I would look for
Black gives you access to some more early power plus removal to take out some of the larger things your small creatures can't deal with.  Also provides reach with some of the Extort creatures.

WG would go
More efficient early creatures and unrivaled mid-game power too.  Also provides more heroic creatures and some nice giant creatures if your early barrage can't finish off your opponent.

WU would want
The WU deck becomes tempo-oriented and gains a lot of evasion allowing you to punch through your opponent's defenses.  There are also some large blue or blue-white creatures you could pick up as finishers if your small weenies can't kill your opponent.

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