Sunday, March 30, 2014

MTG - MBC Pauper

I wrote about two decks I wanted to take, a UG infect deck and an Izzet Blitz deck.  I couldn't find the cards for the Izzet Blitz deck and although I had the cards for the UG infect deck I decided not to bring it.  Instead I put together a Mono-Black Control deck (MBC) as I was more familiar with that style of deck than the UG Infect deck.

So I brought the following based on what I could cobble together the night before from my boxes of cards

The deck is a little sub-par as it is missing some staples like Chittering Rats and Hymn to Tourach so I kind of had to make do with similar but not quite as powerful cards that I had in my collection.  I did start playing back in the Revised days so I knew the cards well but I periodically liquidate my collection so never have that many cards in the house.  In that respect I prefer MTGO as I don't have to physically store anything.  MTGO has a lot of other advantages for me but I can write about that later.

Unfortunately not enough people showed up to play.  Still I managed to play a few pauper games with people to see how my deck fared.  The people who did show up though only brought aggressive infect decks which my control deck kind of rolled over.  I just had too much removal for them to handle and although they came close to beating me several times, I was able to stabilize with all my removal and smart chump blocking to allow me to win.  I was really hoping to play against more people but I guess that will have to be another time.  In the meanwhile I guess I have MTGO if I want to play Pauper.

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