Sunday, November 16, 2014

Video Games - Adventures in Disney Infinity 2.0

My wife has the fortune of working for a company that was kind enough to reimburse her for some of the cost of completing her registered pharmacy technician program.  Most of the money ended up going into savings but she decided to set aside a chunk of it as some fun money to sort of reward herself and her family for putting up with her horrid schedule while she was studying, working and being a mom.

She bought herself some dishes as we needed new ones and the rest of the money went into an Xbox One, some accessories and games.  One of those happened to be the new Disney Infinity 2.0. I had written about my experiences with Disney Infinity 1.0 on the Wii earlier this year and I was looking forward to see what the new version could do, especially on the more powerful Xbox One.

I was not disappointed in the least.  First of all, the graphical quality of the game is leaps and bounds ahead of the Wii (not entirely unexpected considering the hardware differences in the Xbox One and the Wii).  All the characters we had bought previously look great as did the new ones that came with the starter pack.  The abilities of the new characters are really fun too.  I especially like the ability to fly (as exhibited by Thor and Iron-Man).

The most exciting thing though was that every Toy Box has access to every toy I have unlocked!  On the Wii the toys were limited to certain styles of Toy Box.  For example most of the enemy toys were only available in the Combat style toy box and the platformer toys were only available in the Platform style toy box.  This severely limited the types of toy boxes I could make on the Wii.  Not so on the Xbox One.  Now I have the ability to make platformer style toy boxes with enemies!

The logic system is still the same from what I can tell but there are so many more toys to collect and work with.  Fortunately, unlocking toys is no longer random, but I do have to collect a ton of sparks (a form of in-game currency) to get some of them.  Spark collection can be done fairly easily since I can just build a toy box with resetting, destroyable objects or bad guys that give sparks.  I already successfully made an arena with never ending bad guys, something I could not do on the Wii Infinity.

I'm excited to see what kind of toy boxes I can make for Penny, especially now that she seems to have an easier time playing the game with the Xbox controller compared to the Wii controller + nunchuk combo.

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