Tuesday, February 16, 2016

X-Wing - Tournament time!

The local X-Wing group convinced the Game Quest management to hold a tournament in early March.  Great news as I haven't been able to play much X-Wing lately and haven't really had the motivation to go out to the local X-Wing game days.

From what I gather, there is no real meta in the area yet so I don't expect any super-competitive lists or super-competitive people so the list I bring can be pretty much what I want it to be.  This is great as I really have no idea what will work great and what will not.  I can obviously pull up what lists won what tournaments but my game knowledge is pretty limited having only played against Penny and even then without full rules.

I used my knowledge from other wargames I've played and my basic understanding of the rules to come up with a few prospective lists to take to the tournament.  I have a few weeks still and I might try to hook up with a few of the other people to test out some lists.

So the first list uses the 2 TIE Defenders I picked up early in my foray into X-Wing.  I really like the look of the Defender and I loved flying them in the TIE Fighter game from way back.
  • Colonel Vessery - Lone Wolf, Heavy Laser Cannon, Stealth Device, Ion Pulse Missile
  • Rexler Brath - Predator, Heavy Laser Cannon, Stealth Device
This is what I guess the community calls an ace list.  Two very elite pilots that hit really hard having 4 attack dice at all ranges.  Additionally at range 3 they deny the range defense bonus since they will use their cannons instead of their primary weapon..  They are also really hard to hit having 4 defense dice initially.
Since most lists only have 2-4 ships, having only 2 ships doesn't seem that big a deal.

The second list still has a Defender (the models look really cool) but this time backed by some TIE fighters.
  • Colonel Vessery - Lone Wolf, Heavy Laser Cannon, Stealth Device
  • Omega Ace - Push the Limit
  • Zeta Squadron Pilot
  • "Wampa"
In this list, I've traded Rexler for the two auto-hit pilots in Omega Ace and Wampa.  With Push the Limit, Omega Ace can use his ability every turn unless he gets stressed out by someone.  Wampa is there to provide some additional insurance (and since he's just a TIE will probably fly under the radar)
Zeta pilot is there to provide a Target Lock for Vessery so he can keep doing his thing from range.

The third list is another ace list.
  • Colonel Vessery - Veteran Instinct, Heavy Laser Cannon, Stealth Device
  • Omega Ace - Push the Limit
  • Darth Vader - Lone Wolf
Similar idea to the previous one but the addition of Vader means there are 3 high priority targets that need to be taken out.  If one gets focused, the other two will get you.  I opted for Veteran Instinct on Vessery in this list as otherwise he would shoot after Omega Ace and probably wouldn't have a target lock for his pilot ability.

And finally this last list is totally different.

  • Krassis Trelix - Heavy Laser Cannon, Agent Kallus, Stealth Device
  • Captain Oicunn - Intimidation, Tactical Jammer, Mara Jade, Moff Jerjerrod, Dauntless

The idea here is to have Oicunn ram ships, hopefully prevent their movement and reduce their agility, and then Krassis can hit them from range with his Heavy Laser Cannon.  Any attacks against Krassis will hopefully be done at a disadvantage because of Tactical Jammer and Stealth Device adds a little more insurance.

Looking forward to trying out some of these lists in the next few weeks to see which one I like flying the best.

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