Friday, April 1, 2016

X-Wing - First Tournament Report

First X-Wing tournament under my belt and I went a respectable 2-2 with 2 blowout wins and 2 losses.  Not bad for my first go around against opponents who can read and use the full rules.  The tournament took place the weekend before Wave 8 released so no one had any of those ships.

The list I took on the day ended up being

Colonel Vessery - Veteran Instincts, Heavy Laser Cannon
Omega Leader - Juke, Comm Relay
Carnor Jax - Push the Limit, Targeting Computer, Royal Guard TIE (for flavour)

I like flying the Defender and the Interceptor and Omega Leader is just too good not to use.  The list has good synergy and when Carnor gets close, enemies can't help but eat the heavy laser cannon shots from Vessery.  Omega Leader does a good job cleaning up as well and his damage is pretty consistent.

Anyways on to the matches!

Round 1
My opponent brought the following
Dash Rendar - Outrider, Heavy Laser Cannon, Kyle Katarn, Push the Limit, Engine Upgrade
2 Blue Squadron B-Wings

This game was fairly easy as my opponent was new to the game and didn't quite get the hang of his completely.  He didn't use the synergy between Push the Limit and Kyle Katarn very well so I was able to hit the Outrider with Vessery a few times without the benefit of his focus token for defense.  Carnor and Omega Leader made short work of the B-Wings (but not before the B-Wings shot down Carnor).

No pictures for this game as they all turned out blurry unfortunately.  Been a while since I took pictures of my games but they got better as the day went on.

Won the game 100-31

Round 2
My opponent was flying a TIE Swarm consisting of
4 Obsidian Squadron Pilots
3 Zeta Squadron Pilots

This was a long grindy game that went the full length.  I deployed my obstacles as centrally as I could so I could disrupt his formations (which they did in the early game) and allowed me to fight part of his force with the entirety of mine.
Broke up the Swarm but Omega Leader has a bunch chasing him.
Unfortunately Omega Leader fell earlier than I wanted him to (he was being chased by 3 TIEs) but I was still in a good position with Vessery and Carnor facing off against 2 F/Os and 2 TIEs.

Omega Leader shot down but Vessery and Carnor look to even things up.
But a bad round of shooting for me left me with just Carnor facing off against the 4 and eventually he blew up too.
Carnor trying to escape the swarm.
Lost game 42-100

Round 3
My opponent was flying a fat Chewie with Corran Horn.
Chewbacca - C-3PO, Predator. Millenium Falcon, Luke Skywalker
Corran Horn - Push the Limit, R2-D2, Fire Control System

I made a mistake in trying to shoot down Corran Horn first in this matchup.  I thought I could do it reasonably quick as the deployment had my 3 aces on one side against Corran with Chewbacca on the other side of the map.  Turns out Corran Horn is pretty slippery (or the dice were rolling against me) and avoided any serious injury.  Chewbacca showed up to the fight and was able to easily pick off Carnor (I made the mistake of dodging everything two rounds in a row instead of letting one hit through)
My aces trying to shoot down Corran Horn.  Didn't work and then Chewie showed up.

I also messed up Omega Leader's ability a lot as I forgot the defensive aspect of it.  Would have prevented a lot of Predator re-rolls and Luke Skywalker dice modifications and Omega Leader may have been able to shoot down Chewie before Corran got him.

Overall a mistake ridden game by me but still managed to score some points

Loss 26-100

Round 4
Against someone I played with a few times prior to the tournament.  His list was
Soontir Fel - Push the Limit, Autothrusters
Kath Scarlet - Mangler Cannon, Rebel Captive, Veteran Instincts
Zeta Leader - Wired

I deployed my squadron in the center of my edge and as expected he put Soontir on one side, and the rest on the other side.  My first round of movement I turned everyone towards Soontir then rocketed forward towards him.
Trying to catch Soontir out.
This scared him a bit I think and he turned Soontir around which allowed my ships to do a sharp turn in towards Zeta Leader and Kath.  Zeta Leader met the guns of Omega Leader and Vessery and promptly exploded while Carnor chased Soontir further away before turning to fight Kath.
Soontir chased away.
With Soontir needing a few turns to turn around and get back in the fight, Carnor, Vessery and Omega Leader pummeled Kath into space dust and then completed the rout by chasing Soontir off the field (my opponent flew him off seeing as he could not face down my 3 ships who were all at near full health)

Win 100-0

I was quite happy with my record as again I had very little practice against actual opponents.  It showed especially in Round 3.  I felt I could have won my 2 losses if I flew just a bit better so there's hope for me in future tournaments.

Game Quest didn't get any spring tournament kits but I do believe they will be getting the summer tournament kits so this summer should see more tournaments.  I might even try to organize a regular league night/day/afternoon too as I am really enjoying the game.  In the meanwhile I'm looking forward to adding the Inquisitor to my squadron as I think he might be better than Carnor in this list.

Full results of the tournament are here ( and I placed middle of the pack (you can probably guess my call sign).

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