Sunday, March 28, 2010

'Ard Boyz Test Game #2 vs. Space Marines

Game 2 vs. Space Marines

So this game was against a player who just threw everything he had at me. I feel kind of bad about it but he wanted to and actually kind of liked fielding everything he had. The place he plays at usually plays at much lower points values.

Enemy list

Cato Sicarius
Chaplain – Powerfist

8 Terminators – Chainfist, Assault Cannon
Dreadnought – Multi-Melta, DCCW
Dreadnought – Multi-Melta, DCCW, Drop Pod

10 Scouts – Telion, Sniper Rifles, Missile Launcher
5 Scouts – Bolters, Heavy Bolter
10 Marines – Missile Launcher, Meltagun, Powerfist, Rhino
10 Marines – Missile Launcher, Flamer, Powerweapon, Rhino

-Fast Attack-
5 Assault Marines – Powerfist, Plasma Pistol
3 Scout Bikes – Locater Beacon, Cluster Bombs, 2 Astartes Grenade Launchers
2 Land Speeders – 2 Multi-Melta, 2 Heavy Flamer
-Heavy Support-
2 Vindicators
5 Devastators – Multi-Melta, Heavy Bolter, Lascannon, Plasma Cannon

Game was pitched battle annihilation, no secondary mission. My opponent won the roll and made me deploy first and go first (a mistake for him I think). So I deployed everything except the Ravenwing bikers who were outflanking. There was a lot of ruins on the board which made deploying the Land Raiders (and subsequently manoeuvring them in later turns) rather difficult.

As it was I deployed the raiders side by side, the godhammer behind a ruin, the crusader fairly out in the open. The razorbacks were deployed behind the land raiders and out of sight. Sammy and his two land speeder friends deployed behind a ruin on the right of the crusader.

My opponent deployed everything except his terminators, land speeder and dread pod who were deep striking. He broke up his tactical squads and placed both missile launcher halves in some ruins with the missile guy having a clear vantage point across the entire field. The rhino with power weapon combat squad deployed across from Sammy and the Chaplain hitched a ride with them and the other rhino with powerfist squad deployed on the other side looking to flank my land raiders. His devastators deployed centrally and he lined up his two vindicators and other dreadnought across from my crusader. His sniper scouts deployed in front of my crusader in some ruins (bad place to put them, but in hindsight none of the ruins hugged a corner). His heavy bolter scouts and scout bikers deployed on my extreme right in my DZ in the open (I did mention he should put them in the ruins that were a little further away…)

Turn 1:
- The two razorbacks and typhoons gun down the HB scout squad to just one guy.
- Sammy guns down the entire scout biker squad
- He does nothing in return other than immobilize the crusader (both vindi shells hit but one of them did nothing and the old smoke turned the explosion into something less dangerous) and knock off one multi-melta from a speeder.
DA: 1 KP, SM: 0 KP

Turn 2:
- Belial cuts down Telion’s squad with help from Deathwing Squad 2 (who hopped out of the godhammer raider)
- Deathwing Squad 3 hops out of the immobilized crusader and blows up one vindicator, wrecks the other and wrecks the dreadnought. They lose no one.
- His drop dread gets melta’d by one of the typhoons.
- The razorbacks finish off the heavy bolter scout.
- Deathwing Squad 1 show up but scatters into the terrain with cluster bombs and loses 2 guys
- Sicarius jumps into Deathwing Squad 3 and kills three of them but gets punched to death by the survivors.
- The Chaplain jumps into Deathwing Squad 2 and kills all but one who in turn powerfist the chappy into a bloody mess.
- His terminators teleport beside the drop pod and shoot up my veteran squad (who disembarked and tried to grenade his drop pod) but only kill 4 of the 5. The last one flees far enough to regroup.
DA: 9 KP, SM: 0 KP

Turn 3:
- Belial cuts down the devastators in one round of combat (good dice that turn)
- Deathwing Squad 1 and 2 blow up the rhino of the power weapon squad and crush the survivors
- The melta Ravenwing squad shows up and helps Deathwing Squad 3 finish off one of the missile launcher combat squad but loses 2 guys to terrain and return fire.
- The attack bike shows up but fails to kill one of the rhinos.
- His terminators wreck the veteran’s razorback but can’t catch the last veteran.
- His assault squad assaults the attack bike but fails to kill it with fists and his powerfist tac squad tries to wreck the crusader but needs to rip off 4 guns (he manages two)
DA: 13 KP, SM: 1 KP

At this point, he can’t really catch up as I have 17 KPs total in my army and he was left with a bunch of small units versus most of my army. The Deathwing ran through his lines and were pretty unstoppable at this point having taken care of most of the AP2 weapons present, though I did only have 6 guys left (one squad of 2, one squad of 1 and one squad of 3).

The store was closing so we both decided to call it a win for me and helped the store owner clean up the terrain we used. I think we decided that if it went to turn 4 he would have killed my attack bike with his assault squad, probably get my last veteran with his terminators but then end up losing everything to my terminators and vehicles. His landspeeders didn’t come in yet but if they did probably would have been shot down quickly.


My opponent made a few mistakes that cost him dearly. One of the biggest was not moving his vindicators backwards after I rushed my crusader at them. That would have prevented me from being able to charge both vindicators and the dreadnought with a bunch of powerfists. If they moved back 6” I would have only been able to assault the dreadnought and then had to suffer through two demolisher shells and Sicarius’ assault. Telion’s squad was in a bad place from the start and probably should have deployed far away from my terminators. Scouts vs. Terminators = not good for the scouts.

I really need to test my list against some of the more tuned lists out there as the last two results seemed way too one sided and it could be a result of the list matchups. I could also try to help my opponents make better lists. In any case I've got another game lined up against some Space Wolf player with a list from the internet. Should be tough and I'm looking forward to trying my army against it.

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