Thursday, March 25, 2010


So in addition to preparing for 'Ard Boyz, I've also got a few projects I'm still working on.

My Salamanders army is coming along ok, I just need to finish painting the two tactical squads, devastator squad and Vulkan.  The vanguard squads I made I think I will keep for my DIY chapter, the War Dragons.  With the new Blood Angels book out, I can finally make an all jump-pack space marine army!  That should look pretty darned cool on the table-top.

I've also started making some scratch-built Ork killa kanz out of Kinder Surprise eggs and spare sprues and bits.

A friend gave me a bunch of old Bretonnian Knights too so I've got a full 2000 point Bretonnian army again. But they are in bad shape so I'm going to have to strip them first.

Lots of things to do and maybe some of them will be done before spring break is over.

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