Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Orctoberfest Aftermath

My first tournament as an organizer is finally done. Being an organizer is so much different than being a player.

From the sounds of it everyone had a great time and would come back again next year. I certainly hope so as I do plan on doing it again next year but with some changes

About half way through I realized that because of my super simple Sportsmanship scoring - it was a question asking "Would you play this person again? Yes/No/Maybe" with Yes giving 9 points, No giving 0 and Maybe giving 6 - everyone would have a perfect score (there was one maybe the entire tournament). Not that this is a problem or anything, but giving out the award for Best Sportsman was really difficult. I ended up doing a peer vote (which was something I was trying to avoid but c'est la vie) which worked out ok. At least the vote for best sportsman didn't add any points to a player's final score.

I think next time I'll just use the Army Modifier and VPs or something to award Best Sportsman. I'd rather not do too much peer voting especially at the end of the tournament.

Another thing was the Best Looking Army award (note, not Best Painted, but Best Looking) which I decided to do as a peer vote (as I'm not much of a painter) at the start of the tournament prior to any games being played. Having it done at the beginning rather than part way through, I figured people would be a little more honest about their votes as they have no idea who is going to win. Surprisingly, most people voted for an army that probably would not have won a Best Painted award, but definately looked good as whole army. Really brought out the right feel for that particular army.
Maybe next year I will get a painter to come in and judge, lol. Or add some more criteria to the Painting, Modelling & Background portion of the scoresheet.

I might do away with the Army Modifier actually modifying the Battle Points next year and instead use it as strictly a tie-breaker for the Best General (which should be no question as someone should emerge undefeated), Best Overall and Best Sportsman (though cheesy lists don't necessarily mean a douchebag but playing against a cheesy list isn't really fun either and being a good sport should mean you are looking to make the game fun for your opponent as well)

Prizes were good and I was able to give out 11 prizes (including the top 4). This was great as only 19 people attended (a large turnout for the area) so more than half the people walked away with something. If I had more people attend, I probably could have given everyone a prize! lol

Pictures of the nice looking armies should be up shortly, just have to sort through all the pictures I took.

Some of them can be found here taken by one of the sponsors.


  1. Awesome stuff. I want to run my own tourney some day, seeing others go through it really helps.

  2. If you do, I highly suggest canvassing sponsors early and trying to get as many on board as possible. It really helps decide how much to charge as an entrance fee.