Wednesday, October 19, 2011

14th Annual Remembrance Day Challenge

A tournament I can actually play in! The longest running 40k tournament in the region is coming back for its 14th iteration. I've played in this tournament every year I think except last year (Penny was born the week before) and when I was completing my 2 year Bachelor of Education.

Sadly, I generally don't do very well at these tournaments (somewhere in the upper half usually though) as I've only finished in the money once (I'm not counting my string of consecutive pop quiz wins) but they are still a blast. Admittedly I have reservations about playing in the tournament this year because of how I ran Orktoberfest (and Orctoberfest last year).

My reservations only come because of what I have gotten used to playing and reading online.

1. The points value of the tournament is at 1850.
While not that bad I still prefer 2000 points for a competitive environment and a lot of others seem to as well. Most tournaments seem to be moving towards that points value and I find it to be quite balanced. Even the old 4th edition books can somewhat compete with the 5th edition books at that value.
Going up to 2000 points also encourages people to buy more if they don't have enough points. All those big flashy vehicles or units people never use would see more play at the higher points values I find.

2. There is still has an army selection score.
While I originally thought this was a good idea to curb cheese lists I have since changed my opinion about army selection scores. This stifles creativity as now I have to worry if my list would be considered cheesy or not so I leave behind some of the more characterful or useful units in my army codex.
Take for example my Deathwing-centred Dark Angels armies. Having terminator troops and land raiders is incredibly characterful for the army but because I am overloading on normally elite units it gives people great excuse to mark me down on my army selection. The army itself is quite fragile and not overly powerful but when people see a horde of terminators backed up by land raiders it makes them scared and thus my army could be considered cheesy. This could just be because the people I play with aren't overly competitive and don't see the inherent weakness of an all terminator army.
Tournaments are a competition so why limit what we can compete with? After all everyone could build a cheesy list and thus no one is really cheesy (relative to the other lists at least)

3. Wins are classed as Massacre, Major, Minor.
This sort of contradicts the Army Selection score. If you want to Massacre your opponent every game to be on top you need a good army. However, a good army would get punished because of the Army Selection score. Puts a lot of pressure on someone who wants to win to utterly annihilate his opponent. And when people get utterly annihilated they tend to think their opponent was a bad sport.

I'll probably still try to play regardless of what I think. It's one of the only 40k tournaments in the region and I still generally have lots of fun.

I'll post more on my list later, still trying to decide if I want to paint anything or not (if I do paint anything new it can't be anything too big as I won't have much time to do it)

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