Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Adventures of Outlaw Shizzle - Episode 1 "The Great Escape"

Haven't had any time at all to play any kind of wargame and I'm so dissappointed I missed the Remembrance Day Challenge. But that's life I suppose.

Instead of being too down that I can't get my gaming fix, I decided to start up a Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition campaign with my old playgroup. We haven't played an RPG in a long while and 4th edition D&D seemed like a great place to start. The ruleset is quite straight forward and there's a lot of variety to keep everyone happy. Not to mention we were all itching to play some kind of RPG again.

One of the things we always hated was character creation as it took a while if no one knew what they wanted to be exactly. So we decided to assign a role to everyone (each player took on the role of striker, controller, leader or defender) then roll for random classes in each role and then finally random races. We ended up with some interesting combinations and shortened character creation time considerably (no looking through each book to figure out what to be).
  • The defender of the party is a dragonborn warden named Cardiac Bison
  • The striker of the party is a goliath ranger named Sergeant Enforcer
  • The controller of the party is a human invoker of the Raven Queen named Jack Crusher
  • The party has two leaders (we had a fifth player who rolled his role randomly), one half-elf cleric of the Raven Queen named Mr. Hunter and one dwarf bard named Andre Zodiac.
We were all fans of the WWE at some point and one of the players had a wrestler name app on their iphone and named everyone in the party (and the party name too) using it, so the names of the characters are kind of strange (the app did speed up the character creation as well)

The party was balanced and the players got to play characters they haven't played before. Not surprisingly being veteran gamers my players all did their best to min/max their characters to be the best they could be.

Anyways what follows is a recap of our first adventure.

The adventurers of the Outlaw Shizzle group found themselves waylayed by goblins on their way to Fallcrest from Hammerfast. Despite fighting and incapacitating many of the goblins they were eventually overhwelmed and imprisoned in the goblin's hideout.

They successfully fought their way out despite lacking any of their equipment. They did not kill all the goblins in the hideout though and managed to convince one goblin, named Spork, to join their cause via some careful negotiation from Andre Zodiac.

Heading back to Fallcrest though they encountered a necromancer. The two Raven Queen worshipping characters, Jack Crusher and Mr. Hunter, quickly engaged the necromancer to carry out the will of their deity. During the fight, Sergeant Enforcer managed to chase the necromancer away and uncover a plot that could jeopardize Fallcrest involving councillor Kranston.

With this information in hand, the adventurers of Outlaw Shizzle got permission from the Lord Warden of Fallcrest to investigate Kranston. Their investigation steered them to the councillor's estate where they snuck in and fought through an animated statue that was guarding a hidden staircase to some kind of basement complex.

The adventurers quickly descended into the basement to continue their investigation.....

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