Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Adventures of Outlaw Shizzle - Episode 2 "Conspiracy Uncovered"

Got together with my friends again for another night of D&D (see first episode here).

Prior to starting I showed them some figures I planned on ordering to properly represent their characters. I never realized just how diverse Reaper Miniatures is with regard to the types of models they produce. Anyways, I picked up the following models to represent the following characters
  • For Jack Crusher, I picked out Bledsoe the Evil Cleric. I figured he would make an appropriate Invoker of the Raven Queen. I might try and replace the skull on the staff with a bird.
  • For Andre Zodiac, I picked Thorgram, Dwarf Warlord. This was more because I needed a general to lead my future dwarf army and Thorgram looked really cool.
  • For Sergeant Enforcer, I picked Goldar the Barbarian. Not really a ranger looking character but the way Enforcer is played, the barbarian model makes more sense. Plus he's one of the only goliath looking models I've seen.
  • For Cardiac Bison I am using Audt, Reptus Sergeant. I might replace the sword as it looks silly in my opinion.
  • And finally for Mr. Hunter I picked Balthon, Overlords Cleric. Thought he would make a great Cleric of the Raven Queen. Might try to replace the skull with a bird though.
Hopefully they get here soon. Looking forward to having more character appropriate models. Anyways on to their second adventure.

When last we left the adventurers of Outlaw Shizzle they descended into Kranston's basement complex which lead them to a cavern system outside of Fallcrest. There they discovered about two dozen farmers and peasants being held against their will who were drugged and imprisoned.

After setting them free and seeing no sign of Kranston (aside from his goblin and skeleton lackeys) the adventurers turned their attention to the corrupted guard station at Fastormel. Upon arriving at the guard station they discovered it had been attacked by goblins and skeletons and everyone was dead. Careful searching of the grounds revealed a secret underground chamber dedicated to Orcus.

When the heroes set out to report their findings to the Lord Warden of Fallcrest they were attacked by an undead champion named Benndis. A fierce fight ensued but the heroes emerged victorious and reported their findings to the authorities. Seeing their worth, the Lord Warden gave them a second task. Outlaw Shizzle was instructed to investigate the undead sightings at the Sword Barrow.

Upon entering the Sword Barrow they encountered Notwen, a powerful spirit who was imprisoned by Kranston and forced to defend a secret cave in the Sword Barrow. It was here that the heroes faced Kranston and ultimately succeeded in killing the corrupt councillor of Fallcrest.

With Kranston dead, Notwen was released and the way further into the cave was open....

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