Thursday, January 24, 2013

Outlaw Shizzle - Episode 2 - How they got the Silver

This week's adventure was interesting considering the last adventure kind of ended on a sour note with the Fox getting the better of the group.  It was the first time I think I ended a session where the PCs thought they had the victory but it turned out it was what the villain wanted.

When last we left Outlaw Shizzle they had finished burning down The Red Herron in the southern district of Babel Gilga.  However, from the ashes of the burning tavern the group saw the dead patrons rising up from the inferno as zombies with the Fox taunting them in the background.

Now the group had not only the Fox to deal with, but a newly arisen army of the dead....

Outlaw Shizzle decided to vacate the scene as not to cause any suspicion as to their involvement with the burning undead horde.  Anvil left the group to attend to some matters so it was up to Grudge, Slater, Angel Ripper and Pretty Boy Ray to inform Masaloza of what transpired.  They met up with Masaloza at the Chimera and were informed of another lead to the Fox.

Apparently the Mason's spies got wind that a man named Benny the Bull was a lieutenant of the Fox and appeared to be recruiting willing low life scum from the southern district.  The Mason's didn't know where Benny was exactly so the task fell to Outlaw Shizzle.

The following morning the fog had rolled in to Babel Gilga from the coast and shrouded the city.  Outlaw Shizzle tried to get to the south district through the gates but found the way was barred by the city guard.  The entrance was a scene of chaos as guards were rushing into district or trying to keep hysterical townsfolk from leaving.  Realizing the group needed to get in another way, Ray remembered he had a boat in his blacksmith shop on the edge of the swamp and could reach the border of the south district through the swamp.

The swamp outside Babel Gilga sat just outside the southern most buildings.  None of the group were familiar with the layout of this particular part of the city and the thick fog didn't help.  Despite that the group found a tavern and several of its patrons from the night before unconscious outside.  After some interrogation Grudge found out that Benny had been at the tavern the night before looking for recruits.  As part of the initiation, Benny had his personal henchmen fight potential recruits and those that survived were taken.  Those that didn't were beaten senseless and robbed.  Sensing an opportunity, Outlaw Shizzle waited until evening.

During the wait they visited the burned out ruin of the Red Herron and realized they had unleashed a zombie infestation on the south district.  Several guards were slain and much to the horror of the surviving guards had risen to join the ranks of the undead.  Ray's knowledge of undead suggested this was not like other zombie infestations and a powerful curse must have been cast to allow zombies to spontaneously rise from the dead.

When night fell, Benny entered the tavern and immediately made bold statements of finding worthy recruits for his endeavour.  After trading words with Angel Ripper, Benny offered him and any of his friends a chance to show their worth.  Angel, accompanied by Grudge and Slater, obliged Benny and followed him to an empty lot not far from the Tavern.  Ray meanwhile stealthily followed them in the night careful not to be seen.  At the lot, Benny's goons attacked but were easily fended off by the more experienced Outlaw Shizzle.  When Benny tried to interfere, Ray made his move and sunk his blade deep into Benny nearly ending his life.  Benny's remaining henchmen fled upon seeing their master fall and Grudge quickly restored Benny to consciousness.

A quick interrogation folllowed and Outlaw Shizzle learned the Fox communicated to Benny via an animal messenger usually sent to the Red Herron.  Now that the Red Herron had been destroyed, Benny assumed the messenger would meet him at his apartment in the west district.  Outlaw Shizzle forced Benny to take them there and they awaited the messenger.  It was morning when a black crow came to the window and spoke to Benny.  Benny told the group of his orders but was vastly outnumbered and was quickly dispatched by Slater.

Grudge quickly deduced that the crow was under a spell with a limited range so after some detective work, the group narrowed the possible locations to two warehouses, one in the western industrial district of Babel Gilga and the other in the market bazaar district.  The group decided to hit the warehouse in the market first.

By now the city had been placed under curfew but the group, most of them being experts in stealth, managed to sneak into the warehouse.  Inside, they discovered crates full of silver stamped with the seal of Babel Gilga.  Unfortunately for the group the crates were protected by traps which inadvertently set the warehouse on fire.  Although most of the group succumbed to the smoke of the burning building, Slater was able to carry them all to safety as well as a few cratefuls of silver (thanks to the pot of holding that Ray's cousin Vinny provided for them).

Now they had the silver necessary to fight the Fox but they made quite a spectacle which no doubt attract both the authorities and the Fox......

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