Sunday, March 3, 2013

Outlaw Shizzle - Episode 3 - How they found the Fox

Alright, so it's been a while since I wrote about Outlaw Shizzle mostly because it's been a while since we all got together.  To give an idea of our group, we're all old gamers around our 30s (maybe not as old as some gamers and definately not as young as some) so we've got obligations outside of gaming.  Being a teacher, I tend to have a bunch of stuff to mark or plan (and this planning isn't about what monster or insane dungeon to throw at the party) so some weekends just don't work for me.  Others in the group have out of town jobs or kids or work late or whatever.

We're all still gamers at heart so we try to get together as often as our schedule permits to game out.  If we can't get together, well there's a lot of online games we play (lately the group has been playing a lot of League of Legends).  Speaking of League of Legends (or LoL as it's come to be known as), I've been playing the game since it got out of beta off and on and I am amazed at how popular it has become as well as the plethora of champions available (I remember when Udyr, the first non-beta champion, came out). Currently I've been playing as a jungler with Xin Zhao or Jarvan IV mostly because of their way awesome Warring Kingdoms skins.

Anyways on to a recap of Outlaw Shizzle Episode 3 - How they found the Fox.

After recovering the crates of silver Outlaw Shizzle regrouped at the Chimera.  There they gave the majority of the silver to Masaloza and the Masons.  Masaloza let them keep enough to silver their weapons and told them to meet Ray at his smithy just outside of town.  Once the group arrived, Ray immediately set out to make silver weapons to combat the Fox.

Soon after Ray started hammering away in his shop, a group of bandits and skeletons assaulted the smithy.  Outlaw Shizzle fought hard and managed to dispatch the bandits and capture their leader.  They brought him to Masaloza with the hope that the bandit leader could shed some light on the Fox.

Careful questioning of the bandit leader revealed that someone at the Rage's estate was helping the Fox get into Babel Gilga so Masaloza sent Outlaw Shizzle to the Rage's estate to investigate.  Upon arriving the group found the estate covered in darkness, not a light to be found which was odd as the Rage belonged to a prominant noble family and often hosted guests for their various business transactions.

Careful investigation of the estate revealed a secret passage beneath one of the towers that led to an underground tunnel.  Before the group could investigate the tunnel further however, the Fox attacked the adventurers with hordes of undead.  Outlaw Shizzle fought fiercely in the dimly lit tunnel and beat back the skeletons and quickly made their way down the tunnel.

They emerged outside the city in the marshlands south of Babel Gilga.  Much to their surprise there were wagon tracks leading away from the tunnel entrance further south and the group decided to follow them.  After a day of travel they entered the dark forests near the halfling settlement of Holf Zweis.

In the forest, Outlaw Shizzle came upon the skeletal remains of a giant and received a warning from the Fox that those skeletal remains were a warning to all who dare trifle in his matters.  Sensing desperation from the Fox, the adventurers pressed on but were soon attacked by a skeletal horde larger than they had faced before.

Ray was the first to fall as he was swarmed by several spear wielding skeletons.  Grudge was able to bring him back with a word of prayer before turning to smite a few skeletons with his radiant lance.  Slater charged into the horde and swung his great axe in wide arcs smashing aside bone and sending skeletal fragments everywhere.  Anvil showed off his magical prowess and hurled his anvil shaped magic missiles at his foes.  Whenever an anvil struck, a skeleton collapsed or shattered.  Angel meanwhile put on a masterful display of agility and monk skills turning several into ash with his phoenix techniques.

After the fight, the group was exhausted but not deterred.  Anvil quickly sensed the illusion hiding the Fox's lair and dispelled it for all to see.  After resting a short while to ensure everyone was well, Outlaw Shizzle descended into the Fox's lair intent on ending this threat to Babel Gilga.....

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