Monday, March 11, 2013

League of Legends - Returning to the League

So as mentioned in my last post, I have recently gotten back into League of Legends (otherwise known as LoL).  Not entirely sure how or why to be honest.  One of my friends just asked if I played and I said yes and he invited me to a game.  I kinda felt bad though as I have a lv30 account and he just started so the skill disparity was quite obvious (even if I had not played in about two years I stopped just before season 1 started).

Mind you that's all it took to get hooked again and I've been playing a lot the last few weeks as it's quite fun even if sometimes the random people I get matched with aren't the best players or flame people when the team isn't doing well (regardless of who's fault it is).  Those matches are few and far between thankfully and the introduction of the ignore command is amazing as I can just tune out anyone who flames too badly and focus on doing what I can do to salvage a game.

The one major change I noticed is that there is now an unwritten arrangement of teams.  When I first started it was common to go 2 top, 1 mid and 2 bottom and team composition wasn't that important.  In the beginning the jungle was hard to work because few champions could do it effectively and the whole idea behind ganking from the jungle was still kinda new.  I guess a few seasons of pro play changed the strategies and it took me a while to adjust to the 1-1-1-2 strategy that most teams employ as well as some of the new terminology.

Anyways, when I decided to jump into the normal queues I wanted to play top or bottom ADC but it became very apparent that I couldn't play those roles very well (and everyone else wanted to play those roles).  I wanted to be more interactive during all parts of the game and being a jungler was the best role for what I wanted.  Took a while to get used to the jungle but there are so many useful videos on youtube and with season 3 starting, I watched a few of the pro junglers.  My jungling skills have improved and the game is fun again.  My current favourite champions are Xin Zhao, Jarvan IV and Nami (sometimes I play support as it is more interactive than top, mid or bot adc, plus people like good support players).

My next goal in LoL is to eventually finish my ranked placement matches (currently did 1 of 10 which was a win).  I'm being slow about it because I find that if I'm not in the right mood to play competitively, I end up losing pretty bad.  I also want to get better at playing Jayce as I picked up his Full Metal skin on sale and it's just freaking cool.  It's just a shame he's not that great of a jungler compared to Xin or Jarvan.

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