Thursday, February 5, 2015

Final Fantasy XIV - Mialee's Look Complete!

Recently I've replaced my morning LoL game with an equivalent amount of time playing Final Fantasy XIV.  No real agenda in the morning so sometimes I craft or level another class or run a daily duty roulette for additional tomestones or whatever.  This morning I decided to see how many Ifrit Hard Mode trials I could accomplish before getting ready for work.

I'm glad I did as I got some stuff that I wanted.

First Ifrit's Blade dropped and I managed to greed it over everyone else.  My gladiator level isn't high enough to wield it but I figure I'll eventually get the other tank class to that level and the sword will be waiting for me.

Second, on the third and last trial I finally saw it drop, Ifrit's Battlexe.  No one else could need it (the other tank was a paladin) so it was mine!  Sadly the stats on the axe are worse than what I currently have but that's OK, I only wanted it for the look and I glamoured it on to my existing axe right away.

Here's Mialee with the axe sheathed.

 And here she is again with the axe drawn.

I like how it glows when wielded.

I'm very happy with the look and I don't think I'll change it for a while.  Although I have noticed a lately a fair amount of people using the same chest piece as I am (good taste I suppose) so I might consider changing Mialee's look in the future.  I like having as unique a look as possible for my characters but I realize that in a game with as many players as FF14, there's a fair chance someone else has the same unique look in mind.

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