Wednesday, February 18, 2015

League of Legends - Awesome Plays vol. 1

Despite what my previous posts might suggest, I do still play other games aside from Final Fantasy 14.  And to prove it I'm going to start by showcasing some nice plays from a recent League of Legends night I had with some friends.

I still play a lot of League but mostly with friends in recent weeks.  Haven't played much ranked despite season 5 starting a few weeks ago.  I'm only 2 placement matches in.  So far 0-2 because I am out of practice and I really should play a bunch of normal games to get the hang of the new patch.  I probably won't though and at some point in the future i'm going to just dive right into my remaining 8 placement matches.

Anyways on to some highlights of a recent game!  Two warnings though: one of my friends uses some colorful language.  Also I think I need to adjust my mic settings to tone down some of the higher pitches/volume from my voice.
This first one showcases the power of level 5-6 Jarvan I (J4).
I had just ganked top, and mid and was headed to bot lane after securing my red buff.  Graves had gone back but was on his way and Urgot was pretty low and pushing.  Since neither bot laner had gone back yet, their trinket wards probably ran out and were still on cool down so it was a good time to gank.  Urgot noticed me a little late and I was able to cut him off but he burned his flash.  I went back to the lower bush to recall and was surprised Urgot stuck around.
Since I was very close to 6 I waited a bit to leech some XP, and once the lower bush was warded I jumped him (Graves was very close so this was a good time to start the fight).  Unfortunately I messed up my ult and hit Taric instead (I have no idea how as I was sure I clicked on Urgot) but Urgot messed up just as bad and ulted himself into my ring of death.  Graves showed up and kills both Urgot and Taric.

This second one was very weird and I have no idea how we pulled it off.
Same game.  Dragon had respawned and we went to take it.  Unfortuanely the other team knew also and I was worried they would jump us which they did, but it was a little late.  Irelia and I burned dragon down and then Zed jumped in with Ryze and Urgot very close.  We, however, were able to CC Zed and kill him, then Urgot backed out for some reason and left Ryze to fight us 1v2 which did not go his way.  Taric showed up at the end but by then Irelia and I had disengaged happy with our 2 kills and dragon.

And last highlight is a text book top lane gank from the river.  Sion didn't ward the river (actually I think I timed it so that his ward would be done and still on cool down) so it was easy to just walk in behind him as he pushed the lane (not a good idea against a Gnar I think).  I lead off with the shield to slow him and I intended to knock him up as he walks away but I miss the flag toss combo (I think I missed that flag toss combo on my next 2 or 3 gank attempts, was a bad night I guess).  He flashes, then I flash but he's just a little but too far.  Thankfully Gnar throws a box at him and secures the kill.  That basically won the lane for Gnar and he bullied Sion the entire game and made him rage quit at some point.

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