Friday, August 20, 2010

BSG & Trek Firestorm Ships Updated

Just remembered (after someone emailed me asking for the BSG ship stats) that I updated the ships I created for Firestorm Armada. My gaming group has adopted them and so far everything appears to be balanced internally (i.e. these three are balanced with each other, but may not be with the actual Firestorm Armada ships).

One of the group is taking his hand at designing ships for the Stargate universe but he's finding out that balancing the game stats with what is seen in the show is a lot harder than it looks.

Battlestar Galactica Colonial Fleet

Klingon Imperial Fleet


Again, some of the stuff is non-canon (most of the BSG stuff is) so it was really left up to my group and I to decide what each ship did.
For the models, I took everything in the Armoury's stock for BSG and Trek, though some things aren't in the store yet (like the Trek battleships)

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