Thursday, August 19, 2010

Codex: Dark Angels Upgrade project

Interesting post on the Bolter and Chainsword's Dark Angels sub forum. (linky)

Tired of waiting for GW it looks like the Dark Angels from the B&C are banding together to put together a homebrew update for the marines in green, black and bone. I'm kind of optimistic about this project as prior to this initiative there was no real coherent objective as far as updating the codex goes (or at least no one put the effort to put everything together in a nice package?).

The B&C Dark Angels did get GW to update the 3rd edition codex to 3.5 so I'm really hoping, as a community, that the Dark Angels can pull it off again and get our 4th edition codex updated to 5th edition standards. Not really hoping for new and unique units at the moment, just an update to some of the standard wargear and units that are common throughout all the marine books.

Time to put on my thinking hat and see what I can contribute.

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