Saturday, August 7, 2010

Librarian, Vanguard & Orctoberfest!

Sometime last week I finished my Librarian and Vanguard for the Bolter & Chainsword's Call of the Imperium painting challenge. Though I couldn't have done it without my wife's help as we were both up the night before it was due finishing up the final details and bases.

To recap, I vowed to finish a squad of Deathwing, a Librarian in terminator armour and a Vanguard squad.

Pictures below.

Deathwing Squad



I will probably touch up the base of the Librarian to match the Deathwing but I'm not sure how I will touch up the bases for the Vanguard.
The Vanguard are the first full squad for my War Dragons DIY chapter and I think I want to base them differently than my Dark Angels, else they will look too similar. Mind you the War Dragons are supposed to be successors to the Dark Angels.

Also sometime in the past two weeks I offered to help organize a tournament for the owner of The Armoury (shameless plug for the store We decided on a Fantasy tournament as there were two 40k tournaments happening at the end of October and middle of November.

It's called Orctoberfest 2010 and will be held in the (unofficial) capital of Northern BC, Prince George. Details can be found here.

I'm hoping to get a fair amount of people so if you're from Northern BC or Alberta come on out and see how well you fair against the rest of the Fantasy players up here!

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