Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Game 1 - 'Ard Boyz 2011 Prelims at Great White

Alrighty, so Game 1 was against a Blood Angels army played by a regular in the area. Quite scary as it had a lot of good assault units.

My list can be found here at the bottom.

The enemy list from what I remember

Seth + Honour Guard
riding in a Stormraven

Librarian Dread w/ blood lance, drop pod
Terminator Squad w/ assault cannon

Full tac squad w/ MG and combi-melta in a drop pod
Naked 5-man tac squad
Death company w/ 1 thunder hammer, 2 PWs
Death company dreadnought
Assault Squad in drop pod

Attack bike w/ MM
2 Land Speeders w/ 1 MM
Flamer Baal

Land Raider

I won the roll and made him go first. He deployed his 5-man tac squad and the bike in the ruins. Everything was deep striking.
I deployed as follows (really dumb idea in hind sight) holding back one of my cyclone squads in orbit. The raiders were loaded with Belial's squad in the crusader.

Turn 1 saw his libby and melta tac squad pop one land raider, the crusader and one dreadnought. He also turbo-boosted his attack bike towards the other land raider.
In retaliation the terminators crushed the tac squad, drop pod and the newly arrived cyclone squad shot up the attack bike. My terminators from the last raider disembarked but didn't make their assault roll.

Turn 2 saw not much happen as only his land speeders came down and couldn't take out the last raider. Blood lance from the libby ripped off one of the weapons from the remaining dread.
One typhoon and the attack bike came on for me and managed to down one speeder and shake the other and rip off the dread weapon from the libby. My terminators tried to take down the librarian dread in combat but failed to wreck it, succeeded in taking off the force weapon though.

Turn 3 saw everything but his terminators show up. He opted to deploy his assault squad away from the fighting as they would have just been fodder for the terminators. The storm raven and land raider dropped in and tried to wreck my last raider but couldn't. The baal proved ineffective as it zipped in on one flank but the flamers couldn't get through the terminator armour. The librarian dread was finished off in his combat phase.
My last typhoon and bikers came on and shooting managed to wreck the baal and the storm raven. The terminators that killed the libby dread moved enough to engage Seth and utterly crushed them in combat.

Turn 4 his terminators showed up but it was looking a little late. His death company jumped out from the land raider and assaulted Belial's squad. FNP is no match for powerfists and Belial's squad would eventually wipe them out but I did lose another terminator squad as it jumped in to help. His death company dread would then tear through the terminators that killed seth only to be held up by a gunless dreadnought (no dccw, just the blood talons).

Turn 5 his terminators engaged Belial's squad but I5 lightning claws were a match for his powerfists and his terminators (along with the traitor) were brought down. At this point he couldn't kill enough to make up the KP difference due to the traitor and I won with a massacre.

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