Monday, May 7, 2012

Tournament News

Popped into one of the FLGS in town last week and found out they are planning on hosting small monthly tournaments in addition to their larger Remembrance Day Challenge and Spring Fantasy tournament.  It appears tournament attendance has been low so they are trying to get more interest in tournaments by hosting smaller and friendlier events.

I whole heartedly approve of this.  Mind you I only really care about this because the more people that are interested in tournaments means the more people who might be interested in attending Orctoberfest in October.

For my part I'm going to try and attend as many of these tournaments as possible so I can push Orctoberfest 2012 and hopefully get a few more people than I have the past two years.  I keep hearing that it is an absolute blast to play in and everyone would love to attend but the numbers just don't show it.  Mind you I think I picked a bad weekend for Orktoberfest 2011 (Canadian Thanksgiving weekend) and I changed the format from Fantasy in 2010 to 40k in 2011.  Orctoberfest 2012 will be Fantasy again so that might affect numbers.  Still, I am hoping that I get more fantasy players this year than in 2010.

First tournament is a 1500 point 40k tournament.  Although I did sell some of my Deathwing (the black reach half) I still have enough painted models to bring a decently competitive force.  I probably should hold back as the tournaments are meant to bring in new tournament players, but what good are new tourament players if they don't play to win or can't stomach losing?  Anyways, got about 2 weeks to think about the army I will bring to this first tournament.

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