Thursday, July 1, 2010

My 5th Deathwing Squad & Starships!

I took a break from 8th Edition Fantasy for a bit as I need to think about how the Bretonnians will work in this edition of stubborn infantry blocks (or just sell them and get high elves, if I get two boxes of Isle of Blood High Elves I can have a full 2000+ army depending on characters and magic items!).

In the meanwhile I am catching up on some painting that I need to do for the Bolter & Chainsword's annual (well it seems like an annual thing) Call of The Imperium painting challenge. As part of my vow I need to complete a Deathwing squad, librarian and vanguard squad by the end of July. My Deathwing squad was completed today.

I have also started working on painting some starship models as one of my friends (who also runs one of the gaming shops I frequent) asked me to help demo the relatively new starship wargame, Firestorm Armada. I've written the rules for his starships using Firestorm Armada's create a ship rules and I'll post them up later on (along with pics of the ships I am painting).

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