Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Painting Knights

Started painting some of the Bretonnian Knights I've had sitting on my shelf for a while now. Boy do I ever hate painting these things. The models are great, but painting each knight differently slows the entire process down considerably.

I did my best to assembly line the whole process so it's going a little faster than how I used to paint Bretonnians (one knight at a time), but it is still way more time consuming than painting my Dark Angels or space ships.

Pics below of what's been accomplished so far.

These are my converted Questing/Grail knights.

My two Knights of the Realm Units.

All my knightly units are colour coded just to make it easier to tell which unit is which on the battlefield and gives the army (I think at least) a little more coherent feel. Most Bretonnian armies just seem like a huge jumble of random colours and after playing Dark Angels for so long, not having a unified colour scheme just seems odd.


  1. This right here is why Fantasy will forever be a dream for me...I don't see myself painting a bajillion models...

  2. I just picked a bad army to paint for Fantasy to be honest.

    Goblins, Skaven, Orcs and other horde-ish type armies are easier to paint as all you have to do is base coat then wash with Devlan Mud or some other dark, grubby colour. If they look too clean, the army just doesn't look right (I think Andy Chambers had an article in a White Dwarf way back about this)

    Bretonnians are hard to paint because each model (generally) requires more attention to get the true feel for the army.