Friday, July 30, 2010

Deathwing Librarian & Vanguard WIP

Still working on these two units for the Bolter & Chainsword's Call of the Imperium. I have until tomorrow to finish them but I think I can do it. Painting Space Marines is so much easier than painting Bretonnian Knights.

I think if I start another fantasy army I will pick an army that is easy to paint, maybe something like Skaven. Being dirty rats should be easier to paint than the colourful (and somewhat more detailed) knights.

Anyways latest progress below.

Deathwing Librarian


The Vanguard aren't actually going to be part of my Dark Angels army and instead will be part of my slowly growing DIY chapter, the War Dragons. If you're interested in who they are, I started an Index Astartes article on the Bolter and Chainsword and you can read it here.

Once the War Dragons are complete I can use them as any space marine chapter I want to keep me on par with everyone else. Admittedly, sometimes I like the challenge of using my Dark Angels against everyone else just to see how they stack up and if they can still hold their own (which in my experience they still do, but it is getting a lot harder with each new codex).

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