Wednesday, June 9, 2010

1500 point battle vs. Chaos #2

Second game against another Chaos opponent this past weekend. This time my foe was sporting an undivided build with lots of ordnance.

His list from what I remember

Daemon Prince - Wind of Chaos, Wings
Sorcerer - MoT, Bolt of Change, Doombolt, Terminator Armour
3 Terminators - Combi-Melta, Combi-Flamer, Heavy Flamer, 1 Chainfist
2x 10 Marines - 2 Meltaguns, powerfist, icon, Rhino
Dreadnought - Multi-Melta, DCCW
2 Vindicators

Mission was Sieze Ground Dawn of War with 3 objectives. Objectives were again placed in a line across the middle two in the open on either flank and one in the middle behind a building.

From vs. Chaos 6-6-10

Turn 1
From vs. Chaos 6-6-10

From vs. Chaos 6-6-10

My opponent just moved everything forward (I'm noticing a lack of patience in my opponents). Apparently he doesn't play Dawn of War very much so had no idea how the everything moves in from the table edge on turn 1 bit and ends up leaving his vindicators and dreadnought on the board edge. I always wonder if I should make more effort to educate some of my opponents on just how these rules work.

From vs. Chaos 6-6-10

All my stuff moves in on turn 1 and the shooting begins. I move things around a bit trying to block the rhino with its melta gun payload from getting a clear shot at my raiders.
Razorbacks light up the daemon prince and everything shoots at it bringing it down to one wound. Then I pass the turn.

Turn 2
From vs. Chaos 6-6-10

He moves things forward some more. His terminator squad shows up (without his sorcerer) and deep strikes in front of my razorback that is screening my crusader. His one rhino decides to chase after the razorback on my right trying to flank my army. The squad inside disembarks ready to melta-gun the razorback (at least I think so)
Shooting sees his terminators combi-melta the razorback and his disembarked squad wrecking the land speeder. In his assault the Daemon prince rips off the assault cannon from the crusader.

On my turn I disembark the Deathwing squad in the godhammer ready to assault the Daemon Prince. My crusader tank shocks through the Daemon prince and then pops smoke beside his one squad on the middle objective after dropping off my 2nd Deathwing squad. The tac squad from the now wrecked razorback move away from the terminators while the still mobile razorback moves at full speed away from the melta gun squad and drops off its tac squad near the daemon prince.
Shooting sees me gun down the daemon prince and assault sees my Deathwing and Belial crush the 10 man squad on the middle objective.

Turn 3
From vs. Chaos 6-6-10

His turn, sees his three terminators get closer to the cyclone squad of Deathwing. His 10-man squad on the right embarks on their rhino and then zooms forward to try and catch my razorback. The vindicators get into position and shoot at my terminators. Thankfully the sandbags gave me a cover save and seeing his dreadnought was in assault range I went to ground and lost 1 terminator to the two demolisher shells and the dread multi-melta.
During assault my cyclone squad crushes his three terminators for the loss of two Deathwing and the Dreadnought missed all his attacks and got wrecked by all the powerfists.

From vs. Chaos 6-6-10

This turn is quite productive as I wreck both vindicators (one with a side shot from the cyclone and the other in close combat with powerfists). My tactical squads get ready to grab the objective on the left and the middle objective.

Turn 4-6
From vs. Chaos 6-6-10

From vs. Chaos 6-6-10

From vs. Chaos 6-6-10

The last 3 turns basically consisted of him moving his 10 man squad around the right side of the board trying desperately to kill something while I claimed the left and middle objectives. He finally realizes he needs to get close to the Deathwing behind the wrecked vindicator to do any damage but by then its too late to do anything. I end up winning 2 objectives to 0.

He probably would have done better if he didn't move his one squad so far out of position. It killed one land speeder and then spent the rest of the game moving. Castling up or waiting for the vindicators then advancing might have been better for him. Trying to focus fire on my Deathwing squads would also have been a better option as if you force me to make saves, I'm bound to fail a few eventually.

Hoping to get a few more games this weekend, I'm thinking I should give advice during game against these guys rather than after just so it doesn't seem like I'm just, to steal a term from YTTH, clubbing baby seals.

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