Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ravenwing Attack Quads/Thunder-quads

Despite not being able to go to the 'Ard Boyz semis I still ended up making a few more attack quads for my Ravenwing forces. The quads were very simple conversions requiring only one SM bike and some extra wheels which I acquired from a dollar store toy kit. Coincidentally, the toy kit I bought was for a miniature customizable quad (came with 4 pairs of wheels!)

So here are the three of them. The one in the centre will actually end up representing Sammael on his jet bike.
From Ravenwing

From Ravenwing

From Ravenwing

And here are the two on the side with their heavy weapon attachment
From Ravenwing

I thought they would make suitable models to represent Thunderwolf cavalry when/if I use the Space Wolf rules to represent my army. With two tournaments coming up at the end of June and beginning of July (1500pts and 1850pts respectively) I have to decide quickly whether to practice with my usual Dark Angels list or try to make a decent Loganwing list (I wouldn't play Space Wolves any other way with my models).

Having a lot of options is sometimes aggrevating.

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  1. I think those quads look pretty sweet. They're certainly beefy enough to be TWC.

    I say pick whichever army you're going to enjoy practicing and playing.