Monday, June 21, 2010

Tournaments & SuperSystem!

Sad news for me. The two tournaments I've been prepping for are a no go. The organizer for the one at the end of June had some trouble getting the tables ready (basement flooded and couldn't finish them) and my wife couldn't get time off to make the road trip to the 2nd at the beginning of July.

Oh well, I was thinking of going to Astronomicon in Vancouver in August but they are allowing VDR and ignoring the official GW FAQs and Erratas. Not exactly a level playing field (though I suppose the GW FAQs don't really level things at all but at least they clear some things up)

In place of tournament prep, my friends and I have started to read the rules for SuperSystem 3rd edition.

The game is an incredibly simple and fast paced skirmish level game that pits teams of super people against each other. I've been scouring my collection of random unpainted figures and have come up with two teams: one of anti-heroes who have been disenchanted with the current state of the justice system and have taken justice into their own hands and a team of psycho-environmentalists bent on bringing down civilization to usher in a new world of all natural goodness.

The first team goes under the name of The Justice System and is lead by the super mentalist Judge Mental (no picture yet, was thinking of using High Examplar Kreoss as the model.)

The rest of the team so far is pictured below.

From left to right the members pictured are
Daisho - A close combat instructor at the police academy who came into possession of an enchanted daisho and now has the skills of a superhuman samurai.
Boy Scout - A tinkerer who has gadets for every occasion.
Brother Justicia - A military soldier from the far future who is trying to atone for some sin.
Scales - No story yet, but should have one soon.

The second team is named the Cabal of Gaia and led by the grizzled environmentalist known as Tree Hugger. All gain their powers through the possession of ancient artifacts they uncovered while trying to live a 'natural' existence.

From left to right the members pictured are
Sinkhole - With his staff he gained the strength and endurance of the earth along with the power to control the very ground itself.
Sandstorm - The snake staff in his possession grants him the ability to turn into sand and control the wind.
Tree Hugger - His mystic staff gives him the ability to control the plant life around him.
Moon Gazer - The orb in his hands allows him to control the power of night and day.

Kind of cheesy, but hey, it's silver-aged comic stuff. I'm wondering what my friends will come up with.


  1. I'll have to check it out, looks very interesting.

  2. Definately a fun distraction.

    The game comes complete with a build your own hero system which is pretty fluid and open.

    It's totally up to the player to explain their character's powers too. For example the ranged attack power could be anything from eye lasers to energy blasts to a gun.