Monday, June 7, 2010

1500 point battle vs. Chaos

Got two games in this past weekend in preperation for a 1500 point tournament at the end of the month. I posted two lists earlier but I forgot to bring the models I needed (forgot the sponsons for the predator and some of the combi-weapon models for the wolfguard list).

I suppose I could have proxied them but to avoid confusion and maintain WYSIWYG I made a new list with the Dark Angels codex.

It's not what I would have liked to use and hardly ideal I think for 1500 points.

My last minute list was as follows:
Belial - claws

Deathwing Squad 1 - 1 w/ Heavy flamer & PF, 1 w/ lightning claws, 1 w/ TH & SS, 1/ SB & CF, 1 w/ SB & PF
Deathwing Squad 2 - 1/ Cyclone, SB & PF, 1 w/ SB & CF, 1 w/ SB & PF, 1 w/ SB & PW, Apothecary w/ SB & PF
5 man Tactical Squad - Flamer, Melta-bombs, razorback
5 man Tactical Squad - Flamer, Melta-bombs, razorback

-Fast Attack-
Land Speeder - Typhoon, Multi-Melta

-Heavy Support-
Land Raider
Land Raider Crusader

Kind of small and incredibly vulnerable to melta weapons. Now mind you if my opponent has little or no melta weapons, it'll just walk all over them.

First game was a spearhead seize ground (3 objectives) against a tzeentch based chaos list and he brought:

Daemon Prince - Wings, Bolt of Change, MoT
2x 5 Chosen - 5 melta guns, icon, rhino w/ combi-melta
2x 7 Thousand Sons - Bolt of Change, icon, rhino w/ combi-plasma
3 Terminators - combi-melta, combi-flamer, heavy flamer
3x 1 Obliterator

Objectives were placed in a line across the middle of the board (one being in a river that counted as dangerous/difficult, one in a group of trees and the last one in the open at the base of a hill).

I got first turn and deployed everything pretty far forward, the land raiders (Belial & his squad in the crusader, the godhammer was empty) the screening the rhinos and land speeder and the cyclone terminator squad in the trees beside the objective. He opted to only deploy one rubric squad, his daemon prince and an empty chosen rhino in his quarter (I ended up picking the quarter that didn't have a river running through it so his deployment zone was quite small if he wanted to avoid crossing the river). One chosen squad infiltrated behind a building 12" away from the godhammer raider.
The rest of his units were in reserve, his other chosen squad outflanking, and the oblits and terminators deep striking.

Turn 1
From vs. Chaos 6-6-10

From vs. Chaos 6-6-10

I ended up moving forward and shot one of his rhinos dead, but that's about it. One of my razorbacks moved to block his infiltrated chosen squad from a clear shot at my raiders and popped smoke while the other razorback just sort of meandered in the backfield. His turn was uneventful as his daemon prince tried to wreck my crusader (S6 MC vs AV14 still favours AV14) and his infiltrated chosen squad tried to go around the building. His shooting stunned my land speeder but that's about it.

Turn 2
From vs. Chaos 6-6-10

From vs. Chaos 6-6-10

From vs. Chaos 6-6-10

Belial and his squad hopped out of the crusader. The crusader tried to run over the daemon prince but he didn't DoG (the last time my opponent tried to DoG my crusader it failed and got run over). The cyclone squad moved closer as well ready to assault the thing. My two combat squads got out of the razorbacks and flamed the infiltrated chosen squad down to one model which was then promptly assaulted but not brought down. The daemon prince survived my shooting but got punched to death in close combat and the Deathwing consolidated forwards.

From vs. Chaos 6-6-10

From vs. Chaos 6-6-10

From vs. Chaos 6-6-10

My opponent's turn 2 was much more eventful with everything showing up except for one obliterator. His terminators and an obliterator dropped near my Deathwing, one obliterator dropped beside my crusader. His outflanking chosen squad zoomed in from my right intent in frying the godhammer but didn't get out of their rhino (I found out later that my opponent had this misconception that you couldn't disembark from a vehicle that moved 12"). He then moved one of his rhinos to shield his terminators from one squad and disembarked the rubric squad to get some shots at my land speeder.
Shooting was uneventful only succeeding in immobilizing my land speeder and shaking my crusader (yay for our smoke!). Assault saw the death of the last infiltrating chosen and my combat squad consolidated towards the newly arrived chosen squad in their rhino.

Turn 3
From vs. Chaos 6-6-10

From vs. Chaos 6-6-10

I moved my Deathwing to engage the disembarked thousand sons and the chaos terminators. On the other side of the battlefield I rammed the chosen rhino with my two razorbacks and land raider (the land raider just shook the rhino) while one of the combat squads assaulted the rear (I should have embarked the other squad before moving the razorback). Shooting was ineffective but did immobilize and rip off the combi-melta from the boxed in chosen rhino. I also ripped off the combi-melta from the thousand son rhino near my Deathwing.
Assault saw me do mostly nothing: I killed one chaos terminator and lost two of my own, while the krak grenades and melta bombs did nothing to the immobilized chosen rhino.

From vs. Chaos 6-6-10

From vs. Chaos 6-6-10

My opponent got his last obliterator which he deployed to try and help the blocked in chosen squad while his second thousand sons squad moved forwards to shoot my combat squad in the open. Shooting saw my crusader go up in smoke to the obliterator beside it, one razorback was exploded by the combi-plasma from the second thousand sons rhino and I lost a terminator from the cyclone squad to a plasma blast. His third obliterator only succeeded in ripping the heavy bolters off the other razorback.
Assault saw me finish off his terminators and rip off the last weapon from the chosen rhino.

Turn 4
From vs. Chaos 6-6-10

From vs. Chaos 6-6-10

From vs. Chaos 6-6-10

I moved my Deathwing to get into assault range of everything while my land raider has to reposition itself to maintain the road block while getting a shot at the last obliterator. Shooting sees the obliterator fall to a lascannon and that's about it. During my assault I blow up the thousand sons rhino with my Deathwing(and kill all but two of the thousand sons squad), get rid of one of the obliterators with the thunder hammer squad and again my grenades do nothing to the chosen rhino but shake it some more.
He doesn't have much to do but does manage to gun down two of the combat squad around his chosen rhino. His obliterator on the left doesn't engage the Deathwing and instead takes a pot shot at the land raider but does nothing. I finally finish off the chosen rhino in the assault phase (thankfully wrecking the thing and not exploding it thus killing everyone inside as they could not deploy safely) and the thousand sons squad on the left gets killed by my Deathwing.

After this he pretty much has nothing left and all I end up doing is embarking my 3 tactical marines into the godhammer raider and parking them on the objective that is in the open. My cyclone squad camps on the objective in the forest while the remnants of the thunder hammer squad moves to claim the river objective. His obliterator gets shot with a multi-melta from the immobilized speeder and that's when he called game. I won taking 2 objectives to 0 (his last thousand sons squad contested the open objective by my land raider)

I probably would have deployed the obliterators and chosen in or near some of the buildings from turn 1 myself. Start shooting at my vehicles as soon as he could. I probably also would have kept the daemon prince back as he advanced un-supported and ended up being assaulted by two deathwing squads after eating the firepower from my entire army. Not disembarking from the rhino with his outflanking chosen squad was also quite a bad idea as it allowed me to box him in and, with the continued shaking & stunning, rendered that unit pretty useless.

His army probably could have done ok against mine as he had enough melta weaponry to deal with my vehicles and had enough shooting for my infantry components. I had a second game against another chaos opponent that same day and I'll post about it later.

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