Monday, June 14, 2010

A Draw! vs. Chaos 1500 points

Only managed one game this weekend. Against the same chaos opponent from last weekend (I'll call him Tzeentch to protect his identity as he plays a Tzeentchy list). He's learning and I have to say it was a good game. I ended up eking out a draw this time rather than the usual ROFLstomp that happens.

Oddly enough that made me very happy.

Tzeentch brought the following list.

Chaos Lord - Bike, Slaanesh daemon weapon, MoS, Meltabombs

3 Terminators - Combi-meltas
2x 5 Chosen - 5 plasma guns, rhino w/ extra combi-bolter

2x 6 Thousand Sons - Sorc. w/ bolt of change, rhino w/ extra combi-bolter

2 Vindicators - Daemonic possession, extra combi-bolter

I ended up bringing a different list because I lost my Dark Angels codex sometime during the week. I made a Space Wolves list which consisted of


5 Wolfguard Terminators - 1 w/ Heavy Flamer & PF, 1 w/ 2 claws, 1 w/ SB & CF, 2 w/ SB & PF
5 Wolfguard Terminators - 1 w/ Cyclone & PF, 1 w/ SB & PW, 1 w/ SB & CF, 2 w/ SB & PF

2x 5 Grey Hunters - Flamer, Razorback

Land Speeder Typhoon - Multi-melta
3 Thunderwolves - 1 power weapon

Land Raider Crusader - Multi-melta

Not the most efficient of lists but I wanted to keep the Dark Angels feel.

Anyways, mission was capture & control spearhead. Objectives were placed 24" apart, mine in a ruined building his in a barricade of razorwire. I took turn 1 and he failed to sieze the iniative.

From vs. Chaos 6-14-10

I deployed everything as forward as possible. My cyclone wolfguard detached and hid in the ruins with one of the grey hunter squads. Logan and the heavy flamer terminator squad deployed in the land raider.
His two outer rhinos were empty, one of the thousand son squads sitting on his objective and his chosen infiltrated behind the storage containers behind my troops.

Turn 1
From vs. Chaos 6-14-10

My turn 1 was kind of debilitating for me. There was no room to place my land raider cleanly so I had to stick it with one track in the ruins. Needless to say as soon as it tried to move it immobilized itself. Not a good start, but I figured I could recover. Both terminator squads moved forward and ran into cover near midfield. The thunderwolves and razorback near them also moved forward. In hind sight I should have put the thunderwolves behind the razorback and used it as cover.
Shooting say me rip off the demolisher cannon from the vindicator on the right but that's about it.

From vs. Chaos 6-14-10

From vs. Chaos 6-14-10

My opponent didn't do much other than move everything forwards and pop smoke. His vindicator on the right shot at the land raider but deviated to nothingness. His plasma gun chosen squad behind me stepped out and wrecked the razorback. His other chosen squad jumped out of their rhino and shoot Logan's squad but only cause a wound on Logan.
In assault he loses his chaos lord to Logan but does cause another wound to him.

Turn 2
From vs. Chaos 6-14-10

My terminators move forward as do my thunderwolves and the razorback near them. Shooting doesn't see much happen as I try desperately to pop the rhino with the thousand son squad (which is close to my land speeder). Assault sees me wipe out the chosen squad that jumped out of their rhino with my thunderwolves and the thousand sons squad sitting on his objective with Logan & co. The empty rhino is immobilized by my other terminator squad.

From vs. Chaos 6-14-10

From vs. Chaos 6-14-10

Tzeentch's turn starts with a tank shock on my thunderwolves which they thankfully pass but now they are clumped together. His thousand sons squad on the left disembarks and marches towards Logan & co. While his vindicator w/ gun moves to get a clear shot at the thunderwolves. His gunless vindicator tank shocks logan's squad (which they pass) and sits on the objective.
Shooting sees his thousand sons squad torrent Logan's squad and kill Logan. The demolisher shell lands on target and kills two of the thunderwolves (saved by going to ground but passes his leadership test). My terminators in contact with the immobile rhino blow it up in the assault phase.

Turn 3
From vs. Chaos 6-14-10

Not much to do in my turn. His infiltrated chosen squad is close enough to be shot at and assaulted by the grey hunters and cyclone terminator bringing them down to one model. My two terminator squads shoot up the remaining thousand sons squad but only one squad is able to assault. None of the thousand sons die to shooting but in assault I kill two and he kills two. My land speeder explodes his armed vindicator and I fail to grenade the rhino that tank shocked my thunderwolves.

From vs. Chaos 6-14-10

From vs. Chaos 6-14-10

His terminators finally come on and show up where the vindicator used to be thanks to an icon in his thousand sons squad. Then the unthinkabe happens (well not unthinkable, but statistically unlikely) and he manages to tank shock both the last thunderwolf and the grey hunter squad that got out off the table (well not completely, but close enough). Sad thing was that I rolled 9s for their LD tests. If they had been Dark Angels that would have been fine (at least the grey hunters, if that thunderwolf was a ravenwing biker it would have autopassed due to Fearless). Oh well, things to get used considering my usual army is Fearless or LD10.
His shooting sees the combi-meltas go off into the terminators in the open. 1 dies and survive the ensuing morale check. Assault sees the thousand sons off the last two terminators and consolidate towards the objective. The last infiltrating chosen also gets powerfisted.

Turn 4
From vs. Chaos 6-14-10

From vs. Chaos 6-14-10

Ok Turn 4 sees me winning for a brief moment as I hold both objectives. Shooting only sees me immobilize the gunless vindicator behind some ruins and wreck one of the empty rhinos that tank shocked my grey hunter squad (who are at the edge of the table due to a low fall back roll)
My heavy flamer terminators move into the ruins so that if his terminators assault them I'd have the advantage.
On his turn he moves his one mobile rhino within 6" of my grey hunters thus sealing their fate. His terminators & thousand sons shoot and assault my two terminators on his objective and finish them off before I can swing back and his other rhino with combi-bolter finally glances my speeder and shakes it.

Turn 5
From vs. Chaos 6-14-10

From vs. Chaos 6-14-10

Turn 5 not much happens but I again put myself in a winning position by turbo-boosting to contest his objective. My grey hunters with their cyclone buddy hold mine but nothing dies.
On his turn he manages to wreck the land speeder with grenades! So back to a draw.

Game continues to turn 6.
From vs. Chaos 6-14-10

In turn 6 his chaos terminators crossed no man's land and assaulted my grey hunters and cyclone and cause them to run. Darn 9 again! (Lost by 1 so LD reduced to 8)
However, I do manage to drive my still mobile razorback onto his objective (though it got immobilized) and survived until the end of the game to contest it (his grenades blew up the heavy bolters).

Game ends at turn 6.

A very fun game and very touch and go for both of us all through out. If the game went on to turn 7 I probably would have lost. It was rather interesting to see him use his rhinos as mobile cover and blockers and general pests (tank shock, grrr). Different strategies and tactics are showing up and I am quite happy that maybe the level of competition in my area is going to increase.

A couple of mistakes I could identify on my part:

1. Deploying the thunderwolves in front of the razorback. Should have been the other way around. They could have gotten cover from the demolisher that way and maybe I should have waited until turn 3 to charge forwards. Logan should have charged the plasma chosen rather than the thousand sons. Would have kept them close to the thunderwolves for mutual support later on (maybe provide cover too as his demolisher would have had to shoot through the terminators to get to the thunderwolves)

2. Deploying the land raider in the ruins. Seemed like a good idea at the time as any other spot in my zone would have kept it out of the fight for at least 1 turn (most likely 2). I suppose I could have just held it in reserve and driven in from anywhere on my edge. At least it got to shoot stuff.

3. Being too aggressive with the terminators. This one I'm not entirely sure was a mistake, but I did sort of just charge both squads forward after the crusader got immobilized. I did make use of cover which helped a lot against the plasma squad, but maybe the assault targets were wrong. Oh well, things to remember for next time.

This was the first time playing with a wolf list and I have to say there are some things I like (Logan is an absolute beast with his USR granting ability and awesome close combat power, Counter attack is cool and PotMS targetting on its own) but others I absolutely do not (no Rites of Battle & only one squad can be Fearless).
Overall it feels much better and more competitive, but I will have to get used to the fact that sometimes my units will run away after being shot at or losing combat. Although it didn't affect this game, I can foresee the fact that the Space Wolf machine spirit not being able to drive the land raider could be a problem given my play style against some armies.

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