Friday, May 28, 2010

No Semis for Me

So got an email from the local game store. The list of Semi-final venues for the 'Ard Boyz tournament appears to be final according to his GW rep. Kind of silly if you ask me. They let a bunch of stores (at least 4 by my count) in central BC and Alberta host the prelims but the closest place to play for the 2nd round is in Olympia, WA which is like 13-15 hours from where I am (and twice that if you live in Alberta).

Maybe I can convince the store to host an unofficial 2nd round just so the winners in the area can play each other and can call themselves the 'Ard Boyz of Northern BC, lol.

Oh well, maybe next year. At least there's a big tournament (hobby-ish, not completely competitive so maybe I'll take a Dark Angel list instead of a Space Wolf list) coming up in Edmonton at the beginning of July that I will probably try to attend. I'll have to scale down my armies to 1850 and test at that level though.


  1. Bummer. Some areas really got screwed by the semi locations. Now you can practice more for next year :P

  2. Yeah, the list of semi-final venues is small and the geographical areas don't seem to make sense. Both locations in Canada are on the east coast and none in the west.

    Just like the Canadian government, even GW is ignoring the west, lol.