Tuesday, May 18, 2010

'Ard Boyz Game 1 at Great White

Ok so I entered two 'Ard Boyz tournaments, one on Saturday and one on Sunday.  This report is for the 1st game on Saturday at Great White Entertainment

So my list can be found here

My first opponent was a Blood Angels player with the following


Furioso Librarian - Blood Lance and a second power which was never used, drop pod
6 terminators - assault cannon, chainfist

5 Death Company- Lemartes, Thunder Hammer
Death Company Dread - dual Blood talons, drop pod
10 man assault squad - Land raider crusader
Sanguinary Guard - 2 Infernus, 1 Plasma
10 man tactical squad - combi-melta, meltagun, drop pod

1 Baal - Flamestorm & heavy flamers

He got first turn and deployed his Baal and Death company as close to me as possible.  I deployed everything.

The first few turns saw really bad damage rolls on my part, his two dreadnoughts weathered a lot of fire power but nothing happened except for immobilizing his librarian dread.  My crusader was popped first turn and the other raider in the second turn (though that was my own fault as I rammed his dreadnought and he melta-gunned it).  Chainfists proved useless against the death company dread who ripped apart a terminator squad in two rounds of combat (3 penetrating hits but no real damage)

The middle of the game was a slow process of trading squads.  I killed his death company but then his dread killed those terminators.  I killed his baal with terminators than his dread got them too.  My dread took out his terminators after the devastators caused enough wounds to get the chainfist.  My multi-melta speeders proved impotent against his land raider and two were destroyed.

I still managed a draw though as in the last turn my last speeder turbo boosted to contest the objective being held by his assault squad and my dreadnought assaulted Dante and his sanguinary guard holding the other objective.

The game could have gone better for me if my turn 1 and turn 2 armour penetration rolls weren't so bad.  A wrecked result on the death company dread would have freed up a terminator squad to try and face his crusader bound assault marines.  Having my own crusader survive the blood lance would have also been beneficial as the extra firepower would have been really helpful in clearing away Dante's squad or the assault marines.
Still, facing the Blood Angels didn't seem too bad, but then again this list wasn't exactly the most abusive Blood Angels list out there.

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