Monday, May 24, 2010

'Ard Boyz Semi-Finals GRRRRRRR!

So it appears that BC 'Ard Boyz semi-finalists got screwed as far as venues that host the 2nd round of 'Ard Boyz are concerned.

I really hope that my store is able to hold the 2nd round.  I like the competition and to able to face other people with competitive lists is really fun.

Anyways, if I do go I'm definately not going to be using a Dark Angels list.  It's quite underpowered and I think I was extremely lucky to get my invite.  The list I will be taking is going to be a Space Wolf list using Logan Grimnar.  I based it off of the YTTH Loganwing 'Ard Boyz approved list.  I didn't replicate it completely because of my models and personal preference/playstyle.

The list is
Rune Priest - Terminator Armour, Combi-flamer, Chooser of the Slain

3x Lone Wolf - Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield

4x 5 Wolfguard - 4 w/ bolters, 1 Terminator w/ Cyclone, Storm Bolter & Powerfist
10 Wolfguard - 2 Terminators w/ Cyclone, Storm Bolter & Powerfist, 1 Terminator w/ 2 Wolf Claws, 7 w/ bolters

-Fast Attack-
Land Speeder Typhoon w/ Mult-Melta
Land Speeder Typhoon w/ Mult-Melta
3 Thunderwolf Cavalary - 1 w/ Power weapon

-Heavy Support-
2x 5 Long Fangs - 4 Missile Launchers, Razorback w/ Twin-linked Heavy Bolters

The list has way more shooting than my previous list (20 missile launcher shots a turn!), similar close combat capabilities (lots of powerfists still plus the TWC are beasts in combat even without power weapons) and has a lot more bodies on the ground (50 models vs. 44 models).

I know it's breaking tradition but to be honest, I think I'm drifting into the 'use whichever codex you like most' camp.  At least at the 'Ard Boyz type tournaments.


  1. Loganwing is a lot of fun, I'm enjoying it immensely.

    I would drop the Razors and Typhoons really. They're pretty easy targets. Instead you can add a 3rd unit of Fangs (lolmissiles) and more TWC.

    Hope it does well for you.

  2. Limited by models. I don't have another squad of missile launchers. Though I suppose I could make a squad of mixed heavy weapons or make a full squad of wolf guard in terminator armour with the points from the razorbacks and typhoons.

    To be honest I'm not sure how my TWC representatives are going to hold up (I'm going to use my attack-quads to represent them).

    I 'm not sure if it needs more close combat as other Loganwing lists pack a wolf lord or two on thunderwolves.

  3. ThunderATVs? Neat. I just use Chaos Knights with marines/DA bits (they're going to be Fallen actually).

    If you have nothing else, the Typhoons do add more missiles downfield and can zoom to contest. The Razors could be dropped for another unit of Fangs though (HBs? What do they do?)