Tuesday, May 18, 2010

'Ard Boyz Game 2 at Great White

The second game I played against a regular tournament goer in the area.  Very competitive player and nice guy who runs a store in the next town over.  I ended up visiting his area to play in the 'Ard Boyz his store was hosting.

His list was, from what I remember:
2x Farseer - Fortune + gear
2x 7 Warlocks on jetbikes

4x 10(?) Dire Avengers in Wave Serpents with bright lances & star engines
2x 5 Fire Dragons

2x Falcons - Holofields, 2pirit stones
1x Fire Prism - Holofields, spirit stones

He won the roll off and deployed everything forwards.
Eldar Deployment
I deployed everything except 1 of my assault cannon Deathwing squads and my land speeders and drop podding tac squad.  I sort of castled in my corner around a ruin that my devastators and cyclone squad occupied.  The crusader shielded the dreadnought, razorback and godhammer raider.

The entire game he pretty much danced around my castle shooting my vehicles (crusader on turn 1,  godhammer, dreadnought and land speeders on turn 4, and razorback on turn 5).  I stayed in my castle and shot out with my firepower but couldn't bring down any of the tanks despite scoring several penetrating hits even with melta weapons (evil holo fields).  I did manage to immobilize his fire prism then beat it down in close combat but just barely (again evil holofields).

He got a little impatient though and charged both his seer councils against my terminator castles.  I ended up killing both councils, but three of my four deathwing squads got brought down to below half as did my tactical squad.  The devastators unfortunately died.

When we tallied up the VPs he ended up earning a minor victory with around 690 VPs more than what I earned.  He could have easily got a massacre had he just kept dancing around me.  If I got a little bit more lucky on my penetration rolls against his falcons, things might have been closer.
I did manage to snag +2 bonus points though for holding two table quarters to his one so sort of a moral victory for me.

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  1. Eldar are often a problem for DW, he had a gnarly list too.