Monday, May 10, 2010

Final 'Ard Boyz Army List (hopefully)

Yet another change to my army list.  Probably the last one considering the tournament is this weekend.  The new scenarios prompted a little tweaking in my list.  Not a lot, but still some changes were necessary to get the most out of my list.

New list is now

Belial - Claws

Deathwing Squad 1 - Heavy Flamer, Chainfist, 1 Pair of Claws, 1 Thunder Hammer & Shield
Deathwing Squad 2 - Cyclone, Chainfist, Apothecary
Deathwing Squad 3 - Assault Cannon, Chainfist, 1 Thunder Hammer &
Deathwing Squad 4 - Assault Cannon, Chainfist
Tactical Squad - Missile Launcher, Flamer, Powerfist, Drop Pod

-Heavy Support-
Land Raider
Land Raider Crusader
Predator - Lascannon Sponsons, Autocannon Turret

Dreadnought - Twin-linked Lascannon, Missile Launcher

-Fast Attack-
Landspeeder Squadron - 3 Multi-Meltas, 1 Heavy Flamer, 1 Typhoon Missile launcher

Contains 5-6 scoring units and 21 KPs according to scenario 3.  Not too bad I think and I stand a reasonable chance against most opponents I wager.  The only thing I'm not sure about is the Librarian.  I could put a Grey Knight Brother Captain but he only has 1 wound and I have to pay for his psychic powers.  I could put a chaplain instead but Fearless is kinda wasted and I don't know how reliably I can get the charge off with my crusader squad.

Hopefully I can get a few test games in before this weekend to put the army through its paces.

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  1. Don't rely on the GKs too much, we may well be losing them soon to their new Codex.

    I think more MM/HF or TLLC/ML Ven Dreads would help get some tough and mobile firepower at range. MM/HF Speeders are always handy, but it didn't look like scenario 3 was as big a deal as you may have thought.

    I don't normally go the dual Raider route, I generally prefer walking and field more support, but I can see it working.