Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dark Angels & the 'Ard Boyz scenarios

'Ard Boyz scenarios are out.  See here.
They look good and not too wacky in my opinion (except maybe the last one)

Scenario 1 - 5 objective sieze ground with a nifty diagonal deployment.
 - Favours heavy troop armies as to achieve a massacre victory you need to control 4+ objectives.
 - Need to kill HQs and most expensive unit for more battle points too.
 - And need to get more scoring units in your opponent's deployment zone
My thoughts:  Dark Angels with scoring terminators will have a slight advantage I think as they are quite killy and can advance and hold with equal effectiveness.  Being able to deep strike can put them right in your opponent's face so could prevent him from getting any units in your DZ.  If any units do get in, the firebase in the army should be able to see them of.

Scenario 2 - Spearhead Victory points & hold table quarters for extra battle points
 - Again could favour troop heavy armies
 - Units need to make their VPs back while staying alive (back to 4th edition)
My thoughts:  I think the Dark Angels are at a disadvantage here.  Our stuff just isn't as killy or survivable as their marine counterparts (i.e. thunder hammer/storm shield terminators) but it could be worse.  At least our terminators can claim table quarters if they survive.

Scneario 3 - Pitched Battle Annihilation with fast units & HQs being more KPs
 - Any unit that can move over 6" is worth 3 KPs, will certainly make transport heavy armies worth a lot of KPs
 - HQs are worth more KPs
 - Extra battle points for advancing towards the centre and your opponent's DZ
My thoughts:  Maybe we should all build foot slogging Deathwing lists, lol.  This scenario could screw transport heavy armies and will definately make the first turn alpha strike all that much more dangerous.  Alternatively, being able to successfully deploy from reserve will be very important in this scenario.  Static devastators are looking a lot more attractive now.

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